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  1. Some time ago, I found that if you reduce "RIPPLE", hum noise disappears.
  2. Hi. I think the limitations of Helix's parallel routing are its drawbacks. If you need to set multiple effectors in the same position as shown in the picture, It can be configured in TC G-force or Fractalaudio's fx2 or fx3. However, helix can have up to two parallel routes, but can not be located in one place. I wonder if it can be solved through an update.
  3. Even though xlr output is set to line, if volume is small, change to mic, and change to line, volume will increase. However, when the power is turned off and on again, the volume is reduced again and the xlr output is still set to line.
  4. I cleaned the contacts of the usb cable last night. And helix 2.8 update was successful. The helix's ir block noise was gone, and other minor bugs were not bugs, but the global settings were initialized.
  5. I updated to 2.8. If ir data is loaded in the ir block, hum noise will occur. It is a 60Hz hum noise.
  6. Hi I purchased the HELIX LT on April 25, 2019. From 2017 to 2018, you can find articles on the HELIX LT EXPRESSION pedal that have problems. I would like to know if my HELIX LT is an improved version of the defect. thank.
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