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  1. thanks I'll give it a shot! Do my headphones stay connected to the HX or through the mixer? Sorry what does Ins?ots mean.
  2. I like to practice my guitar playing along with my MP3 player but find that I can't get a good mix between guitar and song or vice versa. I'm a total noob when it comes to using mixing boards. I have a Mackie Mix Series Mix8, HXStomp, Fioo X5 lossless mp3 player. How would I connect my X5 player and HX to the Mix8 so that I can control the mix for volume of the music and the guitar? I listen through headphones.
  3. I have my Lossless MP3 player connected to the HX stomp and I listen and play along using headphones. When I adjust the master volume it effects the music and guitar volume at the same time. Is there a setting that I can adjust/change so that the master volume only controls my guitar volume and not the MP3. Ideally I would like to control the music volume through the player and the guitar volume through the stomp.
  4. I'm new to IRs and not sure if my knowledge of their use is correct. Do you match the IR with the specific amp it was created from? For example if I'm using a Fender Twin reverb block would I pair it with a Twin IR?
  5. Is there a similar effect in the HX as the Boss compression sustainer?
  6. I'm using a 1/8 trs to 1/4" ts mono split cable to connect my mp3 to the stomp. The TS plugs have different coloured rings one white and one red, does it make a difference which colour goes into the AUX IN l/mono or right sockets?
  7. What does in Low, mid and High Q mean in the equalizer?
  8. I'm slowly learning about he HX stomp and have come across IRs. Is it correct to say that IR block can be used to replace a Cab block in the block chain? Is it also correct that you don't typically replace an Amp block with an IR?
  9. sorry I'm a new user but what's a gain block?
  10. What is the typical or the recommended way of changing the volume level of a preset in the Stomp? Do I use the volume/master sliders from the amp model or the level in the output block?
  11. Are the Fender Mustang 2 and 4 button foot switches or expression pedal compatible with the Stomp?
  12. Thanks! I'll give that shot. just learning about the Hx.
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