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  1. I had indeed 3.0.0 HX edit. Very good guess! Strange how I could skip this on the update. After updating nothing changed. But today it looks good and it wont jump back to signal chain view. Maybe it needed a restart too. Thanks man!
  2. I tried several settings. But every time I click on an element in HX Edit it jumps to process view
  3. After some update I had this issue. When using HX Edit the helix jumps from stomp effects on/off to edit mode (viewing the two process lanes). Somehow I did solve this last time Now I have this again. What setting do I have to change to keep just my assigned effect buttons visible on my Helix LT?
  4. I had uploaded a preset for this kind of stuff once: https://de.line6.com/customtone/tone/4608402/ Maybe it helps
  5. raww

    IR locations

    If you look into the patch via texteditor you see it has also the IR name. I think if you have installed the IR on your device with the same name it should take the right one (not 100% sure). If you have not one with that name it should take the slot of the preset.
  6. Have you checked z-in setting switching from auto to manual setting for guitar input port? Do you use an bass amp model for bass I use and Squire Jazz bass and one with active pickups. While in the past the J seemed to have low output for me at the moment it seems ok again for me. But never had to add several volume boosters.
  7. raww

    dead pickup

    I tried some loosening the strings, shaking, blowing through the saddles but it did not help. Before loosing warranty by experimenting it now gets back to the guitar shop.
  8. G string won't give any sound to piezo pickups. Enjoyed playing my new Variax. Make friend to Helix and trying out Workbench HD. After two days the G string would not give any sound. Long time repair service. After 30 minutes trying at home the same string turned off dead. Tried some workbench HD too. Is there any known software problem in this way?
  9. The windows 10 version was updated. Found out reinstalling the driver via Hx Edit installer did the job. Asio drivers are back
  10. After updating the windows version (recently announced in windows 10) ableton live is only showing me Helix Stomp asio driver but not my lt. But hardware manager shows up helix lt
  11. Not the Variax Standard?!
  12. raww

    Great Update for 2.8

    Who gives a moment when there are so lot ideas that you have to read. Even for me it took an hour. Do you thinkg it would do anything I write my lollipop down there?
  13. Are there any new templates beside the DAW Hotkeys? And thanks for the upload of the Factory Presets. I missed that point in installation, after 5 times mentioning to backup. Seems like Factory Preset 2.8 has less presets. 96 instead of 128
  14. raww

    Great Update for 2.8

    Oh and a feature that I wish to have is a generic cab that can go from cab simulation to DI or IR. Or mix IR and Cab. Something that can replace IRs in a good way. Cabs are sounding always more indirect while IRs are more a punch in your face sometimes, Wish to have a tool to have it more parametric. Or analysed IRs that can be chanched. Or a IR generator that creates wave files that you can use as IRs and listen right after creation. Last thing people would pay for I guess.
  15. As I am a programmer too I can understand how it is to put out such a big update. So I am glad that you get your time and make it the clean way. Please Line6/Yamaha keep it that way. We do not need quick updates that does not do the job. No matte how loud people are crying. Best fix for me is how presets are saved. Works just great now on the computer. This is how it should work! New amps and fx are great too. Thanks for theese too. Hotkeys: great and staight forward idea. Worked good, execpt for one time that it wont do anything. But it may due to startup order of my system. Nice for switching cab types etc. Other user demanded features such as switching up/down preset are great too. Please do not stop on working on this device. It has its price keep it stay valueable compared to competitive devices. Thank you
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