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  1. Returning to this topic. I have been playing Bass through Helix and Roland Cube 30 XL-basscombo. As I wrote earlier there are a lot of times when I combine playing bass and using PC for backing track for example or playing with Yousician. I tried what bassbene suggested and removed everything from signal-chain except amp+cab. The sound is just very low sounding still... Even bought a new bass, Marcus Miller V7. Still low sounding Best results I get when I plug my bass to Roland Cube and use microphone on front of Roland to verify played sounds to Yousician for example. I don't get what is the problem. I have to put PC volume to like 30 % and program volume to even lower so that bass can compete with PC-sounds. Veeery annoying. Also everything sounds quite weak through Helix compared to small Roland. Also tried plugging Bass through Roland to Helix. I think its normal to crank up volume to 100 % from roland?
  2. Thanks for many answers! Bass guitar in question is ESP LTD D-5 I have checked Z-In -setting, it was on auto. Tried different impedances... Didn't help much Tried changing input-pad setting, not much difference. So far Helix has not blown into Oblivion yet! Hehe :) ,I meant that I hooked up Helix to my Bass cab's recording output (roland bass 30 amp) I tried one guitar and bass in both bass amp and Helix. Difference was very clear. Guitar is much louder. It seems I have some problem with this bass. And yes im using Bass-cabs on helix
  3. I've been happily using Helix for many months now with my guitar. However I just purchased bass and have tried to play it with Helix... Problem is very very low volume compared to guitar. I changed my bass battery twice so it's not the issue. Bass also sounds very nice and loud through normal bass-amp. With Helix low sound volume is big problem. I have tried plugging it in to guitar and aux-port, and also tried sending normal bass-cab signal to Helix AUX-IN... No help Basically I have to put all cab volumes to 10.0 and add gain-block with ~7.0 db to get remotely as much volume as from guitar. I'm really frustrated with this issue, hopefully someone has some tips I could try?
  4. Firmware 2.71. Im having problems with windows-drivers. I'm using Helix also as a soundcard so occasionally I get a problem that windows-sounds are cut into very low level for some reason. I usually have to restart Helix to fix the problem
  5. Wow, couldn't believe this was so simple. Many thanks!
  6. I just purchased Helix and tried to find information regarding backing up Helix. I tried searching for answer however I couldn't find information. I want to back up EVERYTHING from my Helix in a simple way. My helix is on the floor and my 1,5 year old son is extremely interested in this unit and pushing buttons as I write this message. You can guess the downsides.... Is there possibility to backup everything?
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