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  1. JimiRox

    Helix total control of Variax

    brue58ski, I see value in your idea and I just voted for it on Ideascale. It would be yet another step in maximizing the power of Variax-Helix integration.
  2. Yes, when you use a Line6 VDI cable, which also enables you to change Variax guitar models and tunings via Helix snapshots with footswitches instead of fiddling with the knobs on the Variax - very cool.
  3. JimiRox

    Moke's Custom Presets 'Rebel Yell' preset Demo

    Today I gave Moke's BOC Burnin' For You preset a spin, and it's another winner. Based on what I'm seeing/hearing with this and the Rebel Yell preset, Moke has put a lot of tweaking and attention to detail in these presets. He also has a couple other Helix presets on his site. Hopefully he will do more.
  4. JimiRox

    Moke's Custom Presets 'Rebel Yell' preset Demo

    I bought it and agree it sounds great. And nice emulation of the ray gun and feedback.
  5. I was having similar issues and found that if I bring up a patch that does not involve Variax, then plug Variax into Helix via VDI cable, then press the Variax model knob in, then bring up a Variax-involved patch, I have no problems with Helix launching the originally-programmed models when switching through snapshots. There were no instructions like that in the Helix manual, but for whatever reason this works for me.
  6. JimiRox

    Helix in Action... Robin Trower content

    I finally loaded brue58ski's preset onto my Helix and gave it a spin. Sounded pretty true to the very elusive BOS tone. A little over the top on gain so I adjusted that, and channel volume was really low so I had to increase that to get decent volume through my speaker. Anyway nice effort, this tone is a tough one to capture.
  7. JimiRox

    Helix in Action... Robin Trower content

    I've read that Trower did use the middle pickup on this song
  8. JimiRox

    Helix in Action... Robin Trower content

    Brue58ski, thanks for putting the patch on custom tone so fast and for the link to the demo. Not sure why you're apologizing for your playing, it sounds great and you captured the vibe of the song nicely. Tone sounds really good. I'm out of town right now but will load your patch onto my helix when I get back and will let you know how it's working with my setup. I would be using variax jtv69 on spank middle position model run through stagesource L3t FRFR speaker. Sorry to hear about your knee, hang in there. Datacommando thanks for your reply and patch as well. Will check it out. Much appreciated guys!
  9. JimiRox

    Helix in Action... Robin Trower content

    Any chance you could post your bridge of sighs preset on custom tone?
  10. JimiRox

    Rush Authentic Tone Series

    I've gotten the Limelight and Closer To The Heart presets and they're very well done IMO. John has sweated the details. I recommend that any Rush nuts out there check out John's presets.
  11. JimiRox

    Variax Owners: how is Helix + Variax working for you?

    Good to know, thanks much. By the way, of potential interest to owners of both Helix and Variax, Scott from The Helix Channel is in the midst of creating a Classic Rock Variax presets package that is shaping up nicely in my opinion -- taking advantage of the use of snapshots to switch seamlessly between Variax models/tunings and related Helix tones on songs that have, for example, parts with 6- or 12-string acoustic and parts with cleanish electric and higher gain electric etc. Examples here:
  12. JimiRox

    Variax Owners: how is Helix + Variax working for you?

    I didn't know Glenn had created actual Variax patches. Are these actually Helix patches or something that gets integrated into the Variax itself as a custom model? I've never messed with Workbench so am totally unaware of how this would work. I looked on YouTube to see if Glenn had some demos of the Variax patches but found nothing.
  13. JimiRox

    Name That Riff (Oh, Canada!)

    and don't forget Saga
  14. JimiRox

    Metallica through the ages with Helix

    I've loaded the Seek & Destroy patch and it sounds really good an authentic to my ears. I especially like the option to get a simulated doubled guitar sound. I recently bought the Enter Sandman patch too but haven't loaded it yet. The Rhoads Crazy Train patch is a kick as well. Ben is meticulous in his artist research and sweats a lot of detail in putting these patches together. Nice work.