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  1. Great deal indeed... But US only... too bad :-(
  2. I live in Brittany, the western-most part of France. What band do you play in ?
  3. You guys are probably right, thanks... It's just the gearhead in me... And I'll stay with a cable for the time being. Anyway, I received my Helix today... and it doesn't work ! Actually, it works for a few minutes, and then keeps rebooting until I shut it down. Did a few factory resets with no luck. Very frustrating for a unit of that price, especially since in those few minutes, I can hear it sound pretty darn good ! Apparently, at least one other person had the same issue (see the bugs thread). Opened a ticket with Line 6 support, I'll see what they say. Cheers, David
  4. Hi all, and sorry if this has already been discussed ! I just purchased a Helix pedalboard, to be delivered on Friday, as an alternative to my heavy rack rig, and I'll use it with a pedal-format wireless. Ideally a G70, but it's not available here in Europe anymore (anyone got news on that front ?), so in the meantime, it will be a Shure unit. I'm totally new to the Line 6 universe, and my question is: if I got this right, the Helix is able to power a Variax through the Variax Input socket. What are the voltage and amperage there ? If they are appropriate, it shouldn't be too complicated to wire an adapter to power a wireless pedal... Cheers, David
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