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  1. Which begs the question, "Does anyone know where I can get an air guitar impulse response?" Thanks to you all for your insightful, informative and witty responses. I will present them to my wife at our next monthly budget meeting...gulp...right after I install a lock on the door to my music studio. ;-))
  2. So my wife came into my music studio while I was unpacking my brand new Helix Line 6 LT console. Like the proverbial cat with a canary in his mouth, I began sputtering feathery reasons why it was an essential addition for my creativity. I know she was listening because when I listed “acoustic impulse responses that simulate actual high-end acoustic guitars,” she asked “what the heck is that?” After offering an enthusiastically elaborate response, my wife asked me a question that I could not answer objectively or without self-serving artifice: “So if you can basically recreate the sound of other guitars, why would you need to ever buy another guitar?” Ouch! First, how have, or would, you answer this question? Second, and more to the point, I’ve read a lot of posts on the topic of IRs, pickups, signal paths, etc, and I understand that different guitars/pickups will sound different when filtered through individual IRs. But, as I understand it, the signal path can be tweaked to more or less compensate for that. So the underlying question is, like all things digital, do modelers pose what guitar manufacturers might refer to as “A clear and present danger,” to the growth of their industry? More to the point, beyond those who prefer to play unplugged, why would anyone need more than one (type of) guitar? (Yes, a heretical concept, but tragically current.) Cheers! Bill
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