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  1. Hi everyone, After finally achieving the tone I was looking for I am having a slight issue. I am using Reaper as my DAW and I am effectively trying to get so I do not hear the HD500X throught my monitors unless I activate the recording monitor for the track in my DAW. Example: From the HD500X XLR L/R directly to my monitors I can here when I am playing even if I am not in the daw, what I want to do is be able to silenece the guitar in the 500X but still provide a signal to the DAW but only hear it when I click on the recording monitor because right now I am hearing two guitars that are echoing from the 500X and if I toggle the record monitor. The reason I want to do this is becuase the guitar does not sound loud enough unless going through the daw. I have tried raising master and ch volume on the 500X but it distorts my monitors. I am using rokit6 G3 monitors. Thanks everyone in advanc!
  2. Okay after realling diggining into the unit I have finally have a great tone that I was looking for. I ended up not opting to use my amp and just going straight from my HD500X to the PC and them XLR left and rights to my Rokit 6 G3 monitors. I appreciate the help and advice and found it was better to build my sound from the ground up!
  3. Hi everyone, I have been struggling in getting an awesome neo-classical metal tone from the HD500X. 1st I am using an ESP FR-7 with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. I use a Peavy 6505+ 1x12 combo but with an EVH5150III cab. My Peavey on the lead channel without the HD500X sounds brutal without incredible tone. The amp has a direct out so I do not have to mic it. Then I saw the 500X and did some research about the 4 cable method and I figured hell, I can have all the effects I ever want use the preamp of Peavey plus run a tube screamer in front of the amp (FX block) and viola TONE . Nope...I am clearly doing something wrong. So I figured let me just plug the pod into my PC vis USB hook the 1/4" outs L/R to my powered monitor speakers plug my guitar in grab some patches and see how that sounds. Sounds like crap, so then I went into the settings menu and ahh found the Direct/Record option so I turned that on and it still sounds like crap :/ So I plugged my guitar into my amp no pod to make sure guitar, cable etc is working properly, sure is. I am having a hell of a time! Below is everything I have and if someone could PLEASE tell me how to hook up my components in the best possible way to get the best sound for recording. Thanks everyone! ESP FR-7 Seymour Duncan blackouts. 6505+ Has send and receive effects, and XLR direct out EVH 5150III Cab Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Two monitor speakers Pod HD500X
  4. Really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!
  5. Finally, I got it. Didn't realize there was an FX acutal block and now it's beutiful I can put this anywhere I want! Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'm still not following. I created a new patch with an amp I like. Do you happen to have a patch I can try and look at it so see what I need to do? Many thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I just picked up the HD500X and I can't figure out to switch between the POD preamp or my preamp. Here is what I done with the 4 cable method.So right now on my lead channel I can turn the post up all the way and it does not affect my map. I don't know how to tell the pod to bypass and let my amp take over. Bascially I am trying to bypass the amp models of the 500x and just use certain effects to the back of my amp and also the front etc. I have also tried hitting the ENTER button and nothing happens as well as FS3 pre/post. Any help is greatly appreciated. AMP: 6505+ Combo 1x12 Guitar ouput to Guitar In on POD FX Send from POD to AMP Input (front jack) Effects Send from AMP to FX Return Mono on POD 1/4" OUT L/Mono From POD to AMP Effects Return
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