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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I would like to know how the 4(5,6?) cable method* works with my Roland JC-22 AMP. I am new to all of this and I can't seem to find a good tutorial on this topic with my amp and the Helix floor. I want to get the same results as listed in the video tutorial listed here: But in stereo and be able to use my amps' chorus and reverb features. I am not sure how to connect the cables can someone here guide me how to make this happen? Please review the attached pictures of my warped understanding of the topic.
  2. I'm thinking of getting a Helix LT next week to use as a 4CM FX only board with my Orange Dual Dark 50. I've been led to believe the amp has a line level tube FX loop. Would the following configuration of I/O and level settings work to maintain correct gain structure through the rig?... Guitar > Helix In Loop 1 (Inst Lvl) Send > Amp In Amp Send > Loop 2 (Line Lvl) Return Helix (Line Lvl) Out > Amp Return Thanks.
  3. Can you turn the pre-amp modeling on and off on the Firhawk FX using the 4 cable method so that you could take advantage of your actual amp preamp if you wanted to, or bypass it and use an amp modeler in the Firehawk? (Like you can in the hd500x?)
  4. Hi everyone, I just picked up the HD500X and I can't figure out to switch between the POD preamp or my preamp. Here is what I done with the 4 cable method.So right now on my lead channel I can turn the post up all the way and it does not affect my map. I don't know how to tell the pod to bypass and let my amp take over. Bascially I am trying to bypass the amp models of the 500x and just use certain effects to the back of my amp and also the front etc. I have also tried hitting the ENTER button and nothing happens as well as FS3 pre/post. Any help is greatly appreciated. AMP: 6505+ Combo 1x12 Guitar ouput to Guitar In on POD FX Send from POD to AMP Input (front jack) Effects Send from AMP to FX Return Mono on POD 1/4" OUT L/Mono From POD to AMP Effects Return
  5. Ok - I just got my HD500x and when plugged into Logic Pro X it's freaking fantastic - within an hour of receiving it I had some awesome tones dialed-in! My questions are related to connecting the 500X to my Blackstar Venue Series amp via the 4 cable method and using the HD500x as a stomp-box board for mostly modulation and delay - no amp models (all the gain coming from my amp). So far I have these 3 questions/observations: Since I'm using it for effects and not amp models, do I need to add any type of amp, pre-amp or other component in the patch? When it's connected, but nothing enabled in my patch, my amp sounds very thin and weak on either of the gain channels. I made a patch with just a noise-gate, fx-loop, digitial delay & tri-chorus. There is no audible difference with the delay before the loop or after, so I must be doing something wrong... I have the output set to Combo Front. Please note - I've been using a M13 in the 4 cable method for 2 years, so I have an understanding of how the setup works. Any input from someone who has actually run their rig like this would be very much appreciated!!
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