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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I have questions around the optimal settings. Goal is to use the helix with my JVM 410h using the 4cm. I am also the singer in the band. So my goal is it to configure path 1a, 1b and 2 a in serial. Input is guitar in and output is 1/4 out. For 2 b input is mic in and outputs are xlr outputs. Let me compare this with my experience around the GT 10. 1. To align the different output levels of my guitars I would like to set different general input levels on the helix. So e.g. I would like to set the general input level to -5 db. How and where can I do this? In gt 10 3 general Input settings can be configured for input level and even eq. 2. Setting up the right path configuration as mentioned above, I have to configure this obviously using different splitters and mixers. Goal is to use 1a, 1b and 2 a for guitar completely in series. How do I have to do this? My experience is that 1a and 2a in series are working well. If I use also 1b the overall level gets quieter ?! I don't know why. 3. Level for send and return. On my Amp the setting is set to -10 DB, I set the send and return level to 100% to 0 DB. In comparison to the original level this seems to be the best setting. Your experience and recommendation? 4. Output Level: Setting the volume knob to max seems to be the best setting or better to configure the 1/4 output not to use the volume knob. In comparison to the original level this seems to be the best setting. On GT 10 I set the volume knob to 1 o'clock and the the general output level to -10 db according to the input level on the amp. Your experience and recommendation? 5. Foot switches: Snapshots are nice. In Some Cases it could make sense to enable e.g. a stomp box witch you will use in all snap shots from the moment you enable it. Is this possible ? So my main issues right know are 1 and 2. Hope you can help me. Thanks! George
  2. Hi everyone, I just picked up the HD500X and I can't figure out to switch between the POD preamp or my preamp. Here is what I done with the 4 cable method.So right now on my lead channel I can turn the post up all the way and it does not affect my map. I don't know how to tell the pod to bypass and let my amp take over. Bascially I am trying to bypass the amp models of the 500x and just use certain effects to the back of my amp and also the front etc. I have also tried hitting the ENTER button and nothing happens as well as FS3 pre/post. Any help is greatly appreciated. AMP: 6505+ Combo 1x12 Guitar ouput to Guitar In on POD FX Send from POD to AMP Input (front jack) Effects Send from AMP to FX Return Mono on POD 1/4" OUT L/Mono From POD to AMP Effects Return
  3. I just bought the JTV-69s and love the magnetic pickups. However, I would love to have the option of running the bridge and middle pups together in series, a pretty standard tele mod, and also done on strats. While understanding that this would probably void the warranty, is it even possible? I don't know what's going on under that hood. Also, I see wiring diagrams for the JTV- 59, 69, and 89, but not for the 69s. How would it be different from the 69? Thanks!
  4. POD X3 Live Pilots Manual Q: What is the manufacturer warranty of my new POD X3 Live? The manufacturer's warranty for the X3 Bean/Live is one year from the date of purchase. You will need to have a copy of your original sales receipt present in order to redeem your warranty. For international warranty policy please read referenced document: Line 6 Product Warranty List and F.A.Q. Q: How do I register my New POD X3 Live? You can register directly from the Line 6 website HERE What are the dimensions of the POD X3 Live? Length: 21.5" Width/Depth: 10" Height: 4.75" Weight: 8.40lbs POD X3 Live Presets List This list includes user preset from 1A to 32D and presets in each folder located in the bottom left corner the LCD screen on the home signal chain page. X3 Presets: THE BIG LIST POD X3 Live Complete Models List This list includes a complete list of POD X3 Live models: (GUITAR / BASS / PREAMP / MIC / WAH / MOD / DELAY / VERB) X3 Models List Q: What are the hardware specifications for the X3 series? Q: How do I transfer PODxt Tones into my X3 unit? A:Loading Presets into the POD X3 Q: What foot controllers are compatible with the X3 bean?A:Line 6 - Foot Controllers Compatibility Chart Also, here is the FBV-POD X3 Control Guide. Q: Does the FBV2 work with the X3 bean/Pro? A: Technically, no. The FBV2 is not intended for use with the X3 Bean/Pro and is listed as "non-compatible" in the FBV comparision chart. The FBV2 only switches back and forth between 2 presets, it will not keep going forward or backward within the bank. Q: Can I transfer Bass PODxt tones to my X3 unit? A: No, the Bass PODxt tones will not load into the X3, producing an "invalid tone" message. Q: Why do I see an asterisk on my POD X3/Live when I power on my X3 or X3 Live?* A: The X3 Beans and X3 Lives have a 7 second buffer time, which means it needs 7 seconds to completely process any changes you make. At this time please press save twice so that the asterisk* disappears. Wait 7 seconds, and power off then back on again. Q: What are the MIDI implications of the X3 A: The X3 series include a USB connection, and these units will both expose a set of USB MIDI In/Out ports on your Windows or Mac computer. However, these devices utilize different types of commands and, therefore, will not respond to MIDI control data. As with POD X3 Live, the Pro includes 5-pin MIDI In/Out jacks that can be used strictly for receiving MIDI Program Change messages (For scrolling through User Presets) and for sending MIDI CC data when using the onboard pedal for Volume, Wah, and Tweak parameters. Q: How do I swap Tone 1 and Tone 2 in a Dual Tone patch on the X3 series? A: Press the HOME button down for 2 seconds and the Commands menu will come up. Make sure SWAP TONE 1/TONE 2 is highlighted and press the SAVEknob twice to execute and confirm. Q: How do I restore the X3 to it’s the Factory Presets? A: Press and hold the ‘Home/Hold For Commands’ button, select ‘Reset User Presets’ and press the ‘Save’ knob to reset the User bank to its factory presets. Q: Can I connect the POD X3 Live/Pro's XLR outputs to a mic input on a mixer with phantom power? A: Yes, the phantom power gets routed to the ground on the X3 Live/Pro. Q: How do I boot the X3 in Safe Mode? A: Hold down 'RIGHT' on the directional pad on the X3 as you power on the unit to put it into SAFE MODE. Q: How do I calibrate the Expression pedal on the POD X3 Live? A: 1. Go to test mode by holding down 'Right' on the directional pad when you power up. 2. Highlight Pedal Cal. 3. Press the INPUTS button. 4. Set the pedal to the heel position. 5. Press the A footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles. 6. Set the pedal to the toe position. 7. Press the B footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles. 8. Press the C footswitch for automatic selection of the best duty cycle. 9. Move the pedal to get smooth 0-255 Scaled Values. 10. Press the D footswitch to save the settings.
  5. USER: 1A Plex Lead 1B Class A30 TB 1C Clean Chorus 1D Treadplate 2A Down the Hall 2B Vibe 2C SunnyRainDay 2D Smooth Criminal 3A K-ROCK 3B Ogre 3C Burning Fish 3D Shred 4A Wishbook Jazz 4B Phaz Pong 4C Roomtone 4D Bohemian 5A Misfit Toys 5B Reverse 5C Plexi Phase 5D PurPLe 6A Blackface 6B Clean Rotary-1 6C Brit Clean 6D Subphonic 7A Blue Expo 7B Slick Willy 7C Vibe Clean 7D WholeNote Hold-1 8A Au Natural 8B DynamicSwirl 8C Vibro Blues 8D Tweed Solo 9A Mr. Sparkle 9B Seismik Mellow 9C Plexi+Screamer 9D Space Fuzz 10A Red Bean Blues 10B Beat The Dragon1 10C Sideways Sky 10D New Day 11A PushComesToShove 11B Thru Zero-L 11C Double Sweep-L 11D Big Solo 12A Near & Far-L 12B In the Rain-L 12C JazzyChorus-L 12D PhantomElectric 1&2 13A Clean Tremolo / Slap Vocal 13B Heavy Crunch / Dly Vocal 13C Piezo Rock Strum / Verb Vocal 13D Tube Bass / Smooth Vocal 14A Power Pop Bass 14B Chorus Bass 14C Thumb Slap Bass 14D Buzz Kill Bass 15A Advisory Bass 15B Pusher Bass 15C Sixty Four Bass 15D Hazzard Bass 16A 1Mic'd Acoustic 16B Piezo FingerPick 16C Piezo Rock Strum 16D Direct Varx Acst 17A Bright Cln Vocal 17B Rockabillly Vocal 17C Jolie Vocal 17D Megaphone Vocal 18A-32C User 32D Tutorial LO-GAIN 1. Bad 2. Badge 3. Blackface Vibro 4. Blue Ballad 5. Bottle 6. Bumpin' 7. Class A-30 TB 8. Clean Guitar 9. Country List 10. Trademark Clean 11. False Harmonics 12. Guitar Genius 13. Gypsy Jazz 14. Heads 15. Like Heaven 16. Malibu 17. Modern Jazz 18. Mr. Clean 19. New Wave 20. Out of My Head 21. Parvo 22. Riverside Jazz 23. Run Like Hell 24. Skilletlicker 25. Springy 26. Squash 27. Steel Bendies 28. Verse 29. Wooble Wobble 30. Z Surf HI-GAIN 1. American Punk 2. Angel P-Ball 3. Arena Jazz 4. Bayou Rock 5. Blizzard 6. Blossom 7. Bluse Slide 8. Bomber X-TC 9. Brit J900 Dist 10. British Metal 11. British Steel 12. California Spin 13. Chunk Chunk 14. Classic Grind 15. Cocked Wah 16 Deity Crunch 17. Deity Sweep 18. Eruption 19. Full Throttle 20. Fuzz O 21. Fuzzy Wuzzy 22. Green Fuzz 23. Hairloom 24. InsaneBeachParty 25. L6Puree 26. Moody Tweed 27. Prime Crime 28. Son of Privilege 29. UberUber 30. Zoo Stories FX HVY 1. Analog Square 2. Blue Come Treb 3. Boost & EQ 4. Bubble Echo 5. Buzz Wave 6. Double Bass 7. Expo Flange 8. Low Rez 9. Lumpy Phase 10. Random Chorus 11. Saturn & Ringmod 12. Seismik Synth 13. Sexi Plexi 14. Square Chorus 15. Synth Analog 16? Synth String 17. Tape Echo 18. Tube Drive 19. Useless Alien 20. Warble-Matic SONGS 1. 5160 2. Anthem (Dist) 3. BohemianRhapsody 4. Bombtrack 5. Bridge of Sighs 6. Cliffs of Dover 7. Cold Shot 8.Comfortably Numb 9. Comm Breakdown 10. Crushing Day 11. Day Tripper 12. Every Breath 13. Flight of Icarus 14. For the Love 15. Funk 49 16 Heartbreaker 17. Highway to Hell 18. Machine Gun 19. Metropolis 20. Money For Nothing 21. Monkey Wrech 22. Mother 23. No More Tears 24. Nuages 25. NuthinElseMatter 26. Passage2Bangkok 27. Purple Haze Solo 28. ReelinInTheYears 29. Stray Cat Strut 30. StreetsHavNoName 31. Sultans Of Swing 32. Sunshine of Love 33. SweetChild'oMine 34. Teen Spirit 35. TeeageWasteland 36. The Rover 37. Under the Bridge 38. War Ensemble 39. Welcome 2 Jungle 40. Wheel in the Sky BLENDS 1. Jazz Jazz 2. Darkness Jazz 3. Clean Plexolay 4. Acousticky 5. Ryan Twang 6. AC Twang 7. Bf Slppage 8. Stereo 4 Swell 9. Dominoes 10.Blown Up Blues 11. Texass 12. Two Tone Blues 13. Brit Chrome 14. Fatt Crunch 15. Chorus Chunk 16 Dark N Fuzzy 17. Stompin' Metal 18. UK Horns 19. Solo Screamers 20. Tremometal 21. Extreme Gate 22. Evil Mids 23. Megafuzz 24. Gargull 25. Twang N Crunch 26. Neil Downs 27. Spacey Phase 28. Vapor Trails 29. WholeNote Hold 30. PushComesToShove PAIRS 1. Jazz Clean / DDL Voc 2. Piezo Rock Strum / Verb Doc 3. Jangle / Slap Voc 4. Piezo FingerPick / Comp Voc 5. Trem Twang / Cintage Voc 6. Fab Classic / Fab Voc 7. Country Fried / Country Voc 8. Spank Chorus / Mod Voc 9. Tweedle / Echo Voc 10. Blues Breakin' / Blues Voc 11. Travelin' / Travelin' Doc 12. Double Rotor / Double Rotor Voc 13. Plexish / Verb Voc 14. Limelight / Limelight Voc 15. Heavy Crunch / Dly Voc 16 Chunky Verb / Verb Voc 17. Destruction / Verb Voc 18. UK Machine / UK Machine Voc 19. Lead Solo / Lead Voc 20. Double Grunge / Grunge Voc 21. Phasey Flangey / Phasey Voc 22. Sweepy OctoTrem / Sweepy Voc 23. Echo Echo / Echo Echo Voc 24. Seaweed / Seaweed Voc 25. J Bass / Verb Voc 26. Tube Bass / Smooth Voc 27. Fab Bass / Fab Voc 28. Auto Wah Bass / Warm Voc 29. Grizz Bass / Grizz Voc 30. Darkside Bass / Darkside Voc ACOUST 1. Direct San Diego 2. Direct Varx Acst 3. Mic'd Clean Room 4. Mic'd CleanStrum 5. Mic'd HeadGrange 6. Mic'd Nashville 7. Mic'd Sad Picker 8. Mic'd Tiny Radio 9. Mic'dBigAcoustic 10. Mic'dBoomSource 11. Mic'dLateSweeper 12. Mic'dPhaszedAcoust 13. Piezo Fingerpick 14. Piezo Gritty 15. Piezo Rock Strum BASS 1. 4x15 2. '60s R&B 3. Advisory 4. Albert Hall 5. Arena Bass Solo 6. Band Room 7. Barney 8. Big 360 9. Blacklisted 10. Buffalo Soldier 11. Buzz Kill 12. Chemistry 13. Chorus Shimmer 14. Detroit Bass 15. East Lansing 16. Garden Fresh 17. Haze 18. Hazzard 19. Invasion 20. Jamaican 360 21. Metal Odyssey 22. Metal Theatre 23. Modern Rock 24. Organ Bass 25. Pawn Shop Punk 26. Power Pop 27. Prog Rock Epic 28. Pusher 29. Secret Agent Spy 30. Sixty Four 31. Skate Park 32. Slap 33. Smokey Lounge 34. Sub Dub 35. Subterranean 36. Texas 37. The Incident 38. Thumb Slap 39. Tres Bas 40. Zero Roadie VOCAL 1. BoomBox Vox 2. Bright And Clean 3. Choirt 4. Classic Vocal 5. Joliet Vocal 6. Megaphone 7. Modern 8. Nashville USA 9. Prog Rock Vocal 10. Rhapsody Vocal 11. Rockabilly 12. Studio Vocal 13. Trench 14. Vocal Spin 15. Warm And Clean
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