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  1. Got mine SY 200 this week. Did the original Boss Midi TRS Type a cable not work for you? How did you connceted the Boss to the Helix. Did a first check yesterday where I put the Boss in a separate path so guitar in > path 1 guitar stuff > out to amp and second path guitar in > Boss in Loop 2 > out to amp. I was not that satisfied.
  2. :-) no it is, but the waiting, the bad line 6 marketing and information policy are so frustrating
  3. not funny, stop publishing fake news, everybody sees that this is a screenfake
  4. mmh, beside the marketplace stuff more less just only one new feature, for me a disappointing update
  5. Hi all, I have a similar question. I am using alle S/R now , 1 S/R for 4cm, 2 SR for boss Vocoder, 3 S for Mic in of the Vocoder and 4 SR for vocals Boss Ve-20 because Helix has no vocal Harmonizer on board. So The Boss VE-20 is returned only in Mono. Better would be stereo. Idea is now to use the free Return on slot 3 to have 2 return for the boss ve-20. So send mono on Slot 3 and return stereo on 3 and 4. But I will still use S4 for the Mic vocoder. Can not test this right now. Best regards JuRo
  6. Correct, that's what I want.
  7. Hi all, I have exactly the same issue, I want to adapt all my preset now with a single path for voice. I have to edit now every single preset and every single block by copy and paste them and switching between the templates. I am getting crazy with this. :-( A multi select and or copy path should not be a big thing here. Regards Juro
  8. 2.50 - What are you most looking forward to? That the update will be published "soon"!
  9. Hi all, Announcing a new firmware here with "coming soon" and not publish it, is like holding a piece of sausage before a dog's nose and take it away! What means "coming soon"? I hope that Native will support snapshots a soon as possible. Then we really have a "multi platform Helix"! I don't know the tons of effects of the older units but I would say to focus more on quality and not on quantity would make more sense then to integrate tons of effects of older units. I would expect to integrate some really cool and exotic stuff. For example something like this: Also to keep an eye on performance would make sense. Maybe there are possibilities to improve the performance or better the system resource usage of the effects, that we are nor running out of DSP. ... Just some thoughts Best Regards Juro Just saw that snapshot support is announced for HELIX Native 1.50 :-)
  10. JuRo1971

    Helix Talkbox

    Hi all, I was wondering if something like this is possible with the Helix: I would say yes. All the required hardware plugs are available! Regards George
  11. Hi all, I have questions around the optimal settings. Goal is to use the helix with my JVM 410h using the 4cm. I am also the singer in the band. So my goal is it to configure path 1a, 1b and 2 a in serial. Input is guitar in and output is 1/4 out. For 2 b input is mic in and outputs are xlr outputs. Let me compare this with my experience around the GT 10. 1. To align the different output levels of my guitars I would like to set different general input levels on the helix. So e.g. I would like to set the general input level to -5 db. How and where can I do this? In gt 10 3 general Input settings can be configured for input level and even eq. 2. Setting up the right path configuration as mentioned above, I have to configure this obviously using different splitters and mixers. Goal is to use 1a, 1b and 2 a for guitar completely in series. How do I have to do this? My experience is that 1a and 2a in series are working well. If I use also 1b the overall level gets quieter ?! I don't know why. 3. Level for send and return. On my Amp the setting is set to -10 DB, I set the send and return level to 100% to 0 DB. In comparison to the original level this seems to be the best setting. Your experience and recommendation? 4. Output Level: Setting the volume knob to max seems to be the best setting or better to configure the 1/4 output not to use the volume knob. In comparison to the original level this seems to be the best setting. On GT 10 I set the volume knob to 1 o'clock and the the general output level to -10 db according to the input level on the amp. Your experience and recommendation? 5. Foot switches: Snapshots are nice. In Some Cases it could make sense to enable e.g. a stomp box witch you will use in all snap shots from the moment you enable it. Is this possible ? So my main issues right know are 1 and 2. Hope you can help me. Thanks! George
  12. Hi all, I found the menu. Unfortunately the funtionality only works in stomp box mode. In the main settibngs I selected snapshots/ presets. So in the top row I always can select the snapshots. Goal so is to assign a midi program change on the snap shop foot switches. Is this possible? The gaps between patches are so uge: Even my old Boss GT10 handles this in a better way. I was wondering that this unit can not handle this in a better way?! Could this be improved by a new firmware? Thanks! JuRo
  13. Hi all, have the same problem, Which menu I have to select to adapt this? Thanks! juRo
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