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  1. Got an update to my situation. Gig #4, the cutout came back with a vengeance. Was on USB power, but was also told by the house sound engineer that there were a ton of wireless interference issues at this venue, so I chalked it up to that. Since I questioned if it was the piezo pickup output from my fiddle(Barcus Berry 3100 bridge transducer), I used the right angle 1/4 adapter and it made absolutely no difference. Gig #5, rock solid. I moved power to an isolated 500ma 9V output from a TrueTone CS7, I manually set the channel to either 10 or 11(I'll check when I get home), and had my G70 on channel 1. I had at least 50' of range on the G70(tossed my guitar to our sound engineer for him to play), and the G10S was still reliable to 25', since that's the furthest I got from my board. I'm off this weekend, but have another two shows next weekend and will report back with my results. Here's hoping using a solid isolated 9V 500ma power supply fixes this issue! Still fairly baffled as to why it was cutting out on USB for me, but if it's due to 2.4Ghz interference that's a big problem, since in my situations it would cut out at 6' with line of sight. Worth noting, the G70 emits a high pitch(around 1800hz) when connected to USB power. Not sure if that's a ground issue, but I moved it back to isolated 9V(300ma from my T-rex Chameleon) and have had zero noise since. I realize not everyone is going to have 3 separate power supplies at their disposal, so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions I'm more than happy to put them through their paces and report back with my results.
  2. Hello, just received my G10S and I'm already frustrated with it. Full disclosure upfront, I currently use a G70 for guitar, with the G10S connected to the aux in on the G70 for fiddle/violin. First use, connected at home using the 9V power supply connected to my T-Rex Chameleon on it's own isolated power spot, and the signal would almost immediately cut out when the transmitter was more than 7' away, or line of sight was broken; it cut out going behind drywall. I tried re-pairing the transmitter/receiver, updated the transmitter to V1.04, same result. I could actually activate the transmitter and put my hand between it and the receiver and observer the signal go from three green bars to a single red bar, fluctuating wildly in-between. Assumed it might be Wi-Fi interference in my house, so I took it to the gig. Gig #1, same result as at home, unit dropped signal immediately and wouldn't maintain solid connection, had to dump it and go wired. Troubleshooting the next day, I connected it to a 5V USB high output supply(Anker 5 port USB mounted under my board). Worked like a charm, actually couldn't get it to drop out going through my entire house, despite being right next to a fairly powerful Wi-Fi access point on 2.4Ghz. Gig #2, left G10S on USB power, worked great. Gig #3, even with line of sight and 1-2 red bars when scanning, it would still cut out when I was directly standing over the receiver. I connected both G70 and G10S to USB power this time because the hub puts out 12 watts per USB port(5V x 2.4A) as opposed to 300-500mA from my T-Rex on each 9V output(2.7-4.5 watts). I tried probably 10 times to re-pair the unit, to no avail. My mobile and tablet eventually got moved as far as possible from both systems on gig #3 with no signal change. During setup, I set the G70 to scan, pick a channel(this time it was 2), and then force the G10S to rescan. At gig #2 the G70 transmitter was not on/in use, but the receiver was powered on via 9V, with the G10S powered via USB; with the same channel 2 in effect on the G70 receiver but no transmitter. Could this be a power issue; would it be worth my while to get a couple isolating USB to 9V adapters? At this point I'd prefer to just get another G70 transmitter, but playing violin the convenience of having absolutely no cables/wires simply cannot be beat. Throughout this the G70 has remained absolutely unaffected, still rock solid with great battery life and zero dropouts, so I'm very reluctant to get rid of that system; not to mention it is more robust and I rely heavily on the tuner out/mute feature. I still have my G30 and G90 receivers(yes, I am THAT guy...), would it be worth my time to manually select a channel on the G10S and try the G10T on those other systems since they are supposedly cross-compatible? Are there certain channels that work better between the G70's 16 channels vs the G10/30/50/90's 11 channels? I remember in the past seeing the G30/90 spectrum and where the various overlap existed; if that exists for the G70 I think it might help in my situation. Thanks in advance for your help and insight! EDIT: found the spectrum compatibility between G70/legacy systems, looks like I should have been fine using channel 2 on the G70.
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