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  1. Found an Oceans 11 for $80 and got it. Not more worry about reverb!
  2. I run an HX Stomp and Pod Go for different situations. The one thing I don't have is drippy reverb and I keep almost buying an Oceans 11 BUT I stop myself in case the 3.0 release has better reverbs. I don't understand how a product like Helix doesn't have a drippy reverb options. Anyone else looking for this in 3.0? I feel like I should just buy the Oceans 11 pedal and get on with my guitar pursuits.
  3. I have a 70s Custom Telecaster that I installed a Graphtech Ghost Piezo system into with onboard preamp. I can plug this guitar into any amp and it sounds fine. I can plug it into my HX Stomp and it sounds fine. When I plug into my POD go it has enough signal to tune the guitar but only produces a muffled super low sound (unusable). If I plug my guitar into an eq and out to the POD go it sounds fine. If I plug it into an acoustic preamp and into the Pod go it sounds fine. I have - reset to factory settings, after the issue a new update popped up and I updated and it still doesn't work. I love my POD go but can't use it on this one guitar.
  4. I have both - MorningStar and HX Stomp and now the Pod Go and man I love the Pod Go!!! I have replicated my favorite patches and love the abilities the button options give me.
  5. I misspoke. I don't have JIm's IRs and I can't find them in the comments. I'll look some more.
  6. I already have some great patches based on this acoustic patch - https://line6.com/customtone/browse/pod_go/15/ and off my own HX Stomp patches. I just matched pedals and settings.
  7. It may become time to create my own acoustic patches and get them in the Line 6 store!
  8. Great info! I have all the 3 Sigma IRs and Jim's IRs. He is also working on an acoustic patch for electric guitars (for Go and Stomp). I am sort of blown away at the lack of acoustic info on tis unit but I think with the info you have provided I will get what I need. I have 2 or 3 on my stomp that I use all the time. I'm hoping I can open the HX Editor copy the blocks to the Pod Go editor for my delays and reverbs. If not I can simply recreate them in the new Pod Go software. My weekend will be full of guitar fun! Thanks for replying!
  9. My Pod Go will be here in a day and I have found some cool electric patches but I haven't found one acoustic patch. I'm sure I could mimic my HX Stomp patches but does anyone have a link to some Pod GO specific patches I could buy?
  10. billyhell2

    Power Cabs?

    Just a note from a fellow basement dweller. I got the 212 PC+ because I just built an HX Stomp board and I have always wanted a stereo amp. It is awesome. I play a lot of acoustic guitar and I have been able to make that shine. Couple with stereo effects and it's pretty amazing BUT if I were to do it again (I did this 2 weeks ago), I would get two 112 cabs because the 212 is a beast. It's big! Maybe to the 4x12 crowd it's not big but to me it's big enough to have me looking at used 112 PC+ to have on the side. 2nd Side Note - I have a buddy that plays lead guitar in well known Pink Floyd cover band and he said he ran 2 112 PC+ at their big shows and had plenty of volume (spoke to him this morning about it).
  11. I bit the big bullet and got the 212. I had it plugged in and my Helix Stomp plugged in. There was not sound but after a minute the sound from the Stomp was coming through. I played a few chords and then started switching cabs and the sound went out. I am now not able to get any sound from the Powercab 212. Reinstall software? Reset? Send back?
  12. Enough latency to make it a bad idea?
  13. I have an HX stomp and have been looking at ways to increase the functionality without purchasing something large (like the HX Effects). The Morningstar midi controller is the best solution but is right at $300 shipped. So my question is can I plug one HX Stomp into another HX stomp? The Stomp is smaller than a the Effects and would fit on my board. It would give me 3 more button and 6 more blocks for on $200 more dollars than buying a midi controller. Has anyone out there tried this? I'm trying to stay away from the LT and Floor because I know me and I won't haul those big things around. Two HX Stomps on a single board sounds very viable I'm just wondering if one can talk to the other.
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