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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone has put Fluence Modern Humbucker Pickup in to a jtv, love the pick ups and want to put them in my number 1 guitar, thanks
  2. hi i have been flowing your posts and you  seem to know what your talking about,


    i want to change my pick ups in jtv, with fluence modern  ,  is this possible?

    1. amsdenj


      As long as they are similar in impedance and output to the original pickups it should be possible. Remember that the magnetic pickups go through the A2D converters in the Variax to go out through the VDI. So you don’t want to use a pickup that is so hot that it would overload the A2D converter.

  3. MIKEY9966

    helix dt 25

    thanks i have got this part figered out but i cant pick topoligys whith helix , do i have to use midi?
  4. MIKEY9966

    helix dt 25

    for the life of me i cant find a way to switch amps on dt 25 with helix??
  5. just got the dt working with helix , i really like the dt 25 amps and want to use them but can not find how to switch amps on dt 25 with helix?
  6. i have looked for a list of what speakers are in , like to see what they represent . ty
  7. MIKEY9966

    112+ 112 ?

    just ordered a PC+ here in Canada 2 weeks to arrive,,, i was going to get the 212 but i dont play out much and thought two 112+ would work better for me, the question i have is would it be worth it to get two pc+ or i am thinking a pc+ and the pc , what advantage would 2 + give me?
  8. MIKEY9966

    PC+ with DT 25

    so i have two DT 25 looking at the Power cabs,, i would like to have both amps , Dt would just be a speaker helix can do the work, could i use the Llink to connect the 2 amps or should i just stick with the DT amps , or go with the power cab? what are your thought?
  9. MIKEY9966

    112+ with 112

    i am looking to buy 112+ and 112 , i see no need to buy two PC+ my question is how would the to amps work together , would it depend on how i set up helix , or would the line 6 link over ride both amps? i like this set up over a 212 , thanks
  10. MIKEY9966


    steve ty for response i am think why pc+ helix dose every thing the amp will , i hear helix with lr raw sounds killer ,,,, why bother with all the + cab sim and ir , redone dent,,,,, to save dsp? home studio set up ,,, your thoughts ,,,
  11. MIKEY9966


    I am looking to buy 112 and 112 plus , instead of a 212 is the 112+ the same as 212 +, would like to here your thoughts
  12. so do i need usb to midi cable , or can i use a reg midi cable midi out of m audio fast track 600 interface, and will a xlr cable work as the line 6 link cable . if not how do i know if i have the right cable,, thanks
  13. MIKEY9966

    Dt edit

    Hi i want to turn off the amp and cab in the dt 25, i cant find a editor the will work, have midi cable interface but i should be able to use helix, where is the edit or how can i turn them off ty.
  14. maybe i will just wait for 2.80 , but wow the dt sound way better then frfr, i just wish i could control it ,,, no one is use dt with helix?
  15. well after 2 years i decided to hook up my 2 dt 25 amps with helix, i know i have to turn off cab and amp in the dt but i cant ,, i have fast track interface midi hooked up but cant seem to turn them off , is there no dt edit program ? i have stent enough time on this and cant find a vid anywhere, please help me turn them off what am i missing?
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