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  1. MIKEY9966

    helix dt 25

    thanks i have got this part figered out but i cant pick topoligys whith helix , do i have to use midi?
  2. MIKEY9966

    helix dt 25

    for the life of me i cant find a way to switch amps on dt 25 with helix??
  3. just got the dt working with helix , i really like the dt 25 amps and want to use them but can not find how to switch amps on dt 25 with helix?
  4. i have looked for a list of what speakers are in , like to see what they represent . ty
  5. MIKEY9966

    112+ 112 ?

    just ordered a PC+ here in Canada 2 weeks to arrive,,, i was going to get the 212 but i dont play out much and thought two 112+ would work better for me, the question i have is would it be worth it to get two pc+ or i am thinking a pc+ and the pc , what advantage would 2 + give me?
  6. MIKEY9966

    PC+ with DT 25

    so i have two DT 25 looking at the Power cabs,, i would like to have both amps , Dt would just be a speaker helix can do the work, could i use the Llink to connect the 2 amps or should i just stick with the DT amps , or go with the power cab? what are your thought?
  7. MIKEY9966

    112+ with 112

    i am looking to buy 112+ and 112 , i see no need to buy two PC+ my question is how would the to amps work together , would it depend on how i set up helix , or would the line 6 link over ride both amps? i like this set up over a 212 , thanks
  8. MIKEY9966


    steve ty for response i am think why pc+ helix dose every thing the amp will , i hear helix with lr raw sounds killer ,,,, why bother with all the + cab sim and ir , redone dent,,,,, to save dsp? home studio set up ,,, your thoughts ,,,
  9. MIKEY9966


    I am looking to buy 112 and 112 plus , instead of a 212 is the 112+ the same as 212 +, would like to here your thoughts
  10. so do i need usb to midi cable , or can i use a reg midi cable midi out of m audio fast track 600 interface, and will a xlr cable work as the line 6 link cable . if not how do i know if i have the right cable,, thanks
  11. MIKEY9966

    Dt edit

    Hi i want to turn off the amp and cab in the dt 25, i cant find a editor the will work, have midi cable interface but i should be able to use helix, where is the edit or how can i turn them off ty.
  12. maybe i will just wait for 2.80 , but wow the dt sound way better then frfr, i just wish i could control it ,,, no one is use dt with helix?
  13. well after 2 years i decided to hook up my 2 dt 25 amps with helix, i know i have to turn off cab and amp in the dt but i cant ,, i have fast track interface midi hooked up but cant seem to turn them off , is there no dt edit program ? i have stent enough time on this and cant find a vid anywhere, please help me turn them off what am i missing?
  14. MIKEY9966

    Dt integration

    cant wait , maybe a update for the DT amps
  15. so happy i didn't sell my 2 DT 25 amps , line 6 rocks i thought it would never happen, i wounder how far they will good with this, imagine all the amps in helix this is going to be good
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