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  1. It's funny sometimes for sure! I wound up creating two different bundle files, one with global levels set and one with individual levels set, I will play with each and see which I prefer! Just a matter of changing the global levels for each bundle..Thanks for the input folks!!
  2. So, do you normally use the individual string levels to balance? I think boosting or drastically cutting the output of the pickups allowed me (to my ears anyway) balance between models. Then again I am running this into an Hx Stomp thru a poweramp into two smallish pa speakers..so I may be coloring the sound a few times over. I tried using a clean twin model with standard cab low cut about 80Hz and High about 6.5 to 8KHz. I think I will have a go at using the individual string volumes per patch and see how that works for me..
  3. So after going back and forth with my JTV89 and global string levels I wound up with this: Low E at -7.4db A at -10.6db D at -10.0db G at -10.5db B at -5.5db E at -4.0db I left the individual string values at 100% but wound up boosting the pickup output and patch level by anywhere from 2.2db to 6db, it sounds nice and clear now, I know that the 89 has fairly high output HB's on it and have actually dropped them right down to the level of the rings. I also wound up moving the pickups closer to their respective real positions and changed the tone caps and pot values to reflect the original guitars. I am just wondering what other users have experienced when trying to get a balanced sound, did you use the global values or the individual string values? Honestly starting to go a bit cross eyed here ;-) Cheers
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but I had tried already, the pot just doesn't push down at all anymore. I will take the encoder into the local electronics supply folks and see if they can get one. Cheers
  5. Hi All: I need a replacement encoder with switch for my M9, any ideas where I can find one online that will ship to Canada? Cheers
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