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  1. I was thinking of using the preset FS to correspond to the sheet of music in Mobile sheets. I normally use one preset for each song. That way it won't interfere with Fx FS. And all I am looking to do is turn page. I know it would be easier to get an air turn blue tooth page turner, or a midi controller. Either a page turner or midi controller would be more to carry. But thanks for the input. I think the Helix can do it, and the cost and effort might be worth it. I made a guitar with two separate pickup systems, each with their own pre amp. This, hopefully won't be as involved. If and when I get it set up. I will up date this post.
  2. I stumble across this you tube video. I'm a little sceptical. It seems to me that would involve midi mapping Any who, enjoy.
  3. I'm a little rusty on midi. I had an ADA processor with a 10 foot switch controller. Eash bank on the ADA had 10 presets. I am assuming that type of midi message is what's used in Mobile sheets. If the right midi message with both the Helix and Mobile Sheets are the same. It should work. It needs more looking into, just and idea for know. Like I said, pipe dream.
  4. I see in Mobile Sheet, a midi signaled on any 1 through 16 channel can be assigned to change pages.
  5. Ok, got a pipe dream here. I have a Helix, and Surface Pro tablet. I found a midi adapter that sends midi via blue tooth. On the Surface Pro I have Mobile Sheet that has midi capability. Is it possible to use the Helix as a page turner for Mobile Sheets. The midi signal will be sent to the Surface Pro via blue tooth. Mobile Sheets will receive the midi signal. Mobile Sheets will be set to turn a sheet music page when it receives the midi signal.
  6. I have some presets that split to an A and B signal paths. I use the left mono 1/4” output to an amp and the XLR left mono to the house. A and B signals are summed together into both 1/4” and XLR left mono output equally. If I where to use both right and left 1/4” outputs. Will the left mono XLR output keep the A and B signal path summed together? Thanks, Wayne
  7. I have reloaded 3.01 firmware, set Tempo Pitch parameter to transparent, didn't change anything, still have the modulation effect.
  8. Thanks Phil m, I will look into that, I appreciate the input. Logically thinking about this. With firmware 2.95, the one before 3.0. Tempo pitch on or off, it didn’t happen. With firmware 3.0 or is it 3.2, it does. That would lead me to think there is an issue, bug if you would. I would think that when pressing a preset button. The only thing that would happen is no sound. That is why snap shots are so popular. There is no Millisecond delay you would get when changing from preset to preset.
  9. I have uploaded the audio file again. Seems to be there now
  10. I have updated to firmware 3.0 twice. Same thing happens. When switching presets, or just re selecting the same preset. There's this modulation effect. I attached a small audio clip. Anybody else have this? The audio file I had is now added Track_1,_Rec_(2).wav
  11. jcspirited

    Bank jumps

    It is still under warranty. Thought about it, didn’t because of warranty
  12. jcspirited

    Bank jumps

    I have heard back from support. They referred me to a local repair shop. Emailed the shop, could take a long time to repair(get parts). Ok, I looked into the extended warranty for the Helix to take advantage of the loaner program. My Helix is still under warranty. Just want the loaner. Because the issue with the bank button happened before I bought the extended warranty. Will I still be able to get a loaner. Or will the pre-existing not qualify.
  13. jcspirited

    Bank jumps

    My bad, just deleted it.
  14. jcspirited

    Bank jumps

    There is a support ticket open. They told me to do a reset, I did. I responded to it. Mentioned the reset didn’t have any affect. Waiting to hear back. I’ve thought about cleaning the button. I’m concerned about voiding warranty. If I clean it and it’s a bad button. Will it get repaired/replaced?
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