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  1. I have a helix floor with newest firmware. I noticed that my presets have this tremolo effect. Just started a few days ago. And no I don’t have any tremolo of any kind. Anybody have anything like it
  2. Thanks, I misunderstood the remove option. Press the preset button, select Rename Snapshot, select Remove. That is to remove custom snapshot name. Not the snapshot Some times you can’t see the trees because of the forest.
  3. jcspirited

    Delete snapshot

    This may be a stupid question, how do I delete a snapshot from a preset. Can it be done with HX edit. I have tried on the helix itself. When I select the snapshot, it's recalled, changing the preset.
  4. So true, when I opened the box and saw the TRS cable, I was not happy. I can’t find a use manual for it. I should have sent the $125.00 for a mission, and it looks like I’m going. Thanks brue58ski and ELChivo0414 I got it to work with the switch in “other” and reverse the minimum and maximum on the helix.
  5. Recently got a Moog EP-3 expression peddle to us with my helix. I thought it was a ordinary expression peddle, I guess not. It has a sellecter switch on the bottom. With the sellect swtch in “stander” , it sweeps from minimum to max back to minimum. With the select switch in “other” it sweeps from max in the heal position, minimum it the toe position. Dose anyone have any dealings with a Moog EP-3, or any useful input.
  6. I think I will try your suggestion, turning off effects from right to left. And I didn't what to spend the amount of time that I had already. So, thank you for your time and info. It will not go to wast
  7. OK, I see some confusion about my last post. Most of my presets (ones I use every day) are hitting the -3db. The test tone as we will call it, never exceeded -20db or so. To answer your questions: I did not mute either channel, I have input 1 set to guitar and input 2 to variax making that a moog point. Did not use same for input 2, I always set input 2 to variax. I used the USB output for the test. The software I used is open source, so I don’t think there is any calibration. If I where submitting this somewhere as an official test I would be more concerned. I have taken some screen shots of the test you mentioned. I also took some screen shots of a preset I use from time to time. It is called PK75 EFFECT 3. I tested that preset also, with screen shots of the test. This is one of the presets I said is hitting the -3db range. So, looking at the two different tests, you can see that my Les Paul does not have too high of an input. Because your test tone shows that. Also, that there is clipping in my preset PK75 EFFECT 3. Because my test shows that. And that this clipping causes adverse effect on the tone quality. Regardless of the master output level. So, as I asked the question in my first post. Using a DAW or other metering software, like the graphical analyzer. It will show internal clipping that affects the tone quality. And when using that preset live, will have a poor tone quality.
  8. MartinDorr, I tried out your test. I was not surprised with the outcome, kind of reassuring what I thought. I used a graphical analyzing software, a preset with no effects or amp (default preset). I put a studio EQ with the gain a 0db, mixer at 0db (both A&B) and pan set to center. I tried my Strat that has a preamp, gain set to 1. The 364Hz seemed to be a focus point. Other frequencies like 185,272.5, 545.5Hz peaked but not as much as the 364Hz. That peaked at -21db (guitar gain 1) and -15db (guitar gain 10). And that was the bridge pickup. The Les Paul peaked at -19db at 364Hz and that also was the bridge pickup. I would think that the input signal from just about any guitar would not clip unless there was a effect peddle before the HD500. A lot of my presets hit the -3db to 0db, that is with the same graphical analyzer. Not good for recording, that can be adjusted. Just seems to me that if the presets are on average in the area of -3db. It would affect the tone quality. Yes, I can adjust the master out so it does not clip in the PA system. But the internal clipping has all ready affected the tone quality.
  9. That sounds like a good idea. I have a preamp in my strat that might be out of the norm. No volume, adjustable gain and two tone controls. I also have a Les Paul traditional. Would be interesting to see the difference. I will post what I find.
  10. MartinDorr, could you possibly give a general level setting. You suggest staying in the -12db rang. I think it would simplify setting up preset. I like others don't have the resources to monitor the db level. Something like "x" level for the different FX models. Posibly make a table of some sort. Or EQs level setting is 40 to 50 for best tone quality.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. And how much of a pain that would be. A rule of mine is to set the first effect block at 40 to 50. then the next the same or a little more. It gets tricky when trying to set each preset to the same level, so I'm not driving the sound man crazy wihen changing from preset to preset. All of my presets have the foot peddle assigned to the drive of the amp or the distortion effect. Up lowers the drive ( gain), down raises the drive. With clean to drive and everything between. But I have to assign the amp level to composite for the different levels. Foot peddle up drive down volum up. Foot peddle down drive up volum down. At the same time keeping it from clipping.
  12. Thanks sata, mazuwa, and phil_m, that is why my graphical analyzer is not a good idea. I will just keep doing what I have been doing. Keeping the levels to the lower side at the beginning. Thank for the info.
  13. The ASIO level is set to max. And the higher level preset hit the - 1db and -3db (in the red) mostly in mid frequency. The lower level presets run near the -6db. I know that can be adjusted in the ASIO. And would do so for recording. I would agree with you mazuwa. I do the same, with good resaults. As Phil_m menstioned , I am taking about to different things. Because the master output adjust the level through the 1/4" out. And does not affect the graphical analyzer. But, if an effect block (EQ) causes clipping. It would change the over all signal. How can it clip and not do anything in the over all signal. My opinion would be this could be a good gauge to go by or set point. I noticed the low level preset are a little cleaner, less scratchy, harsh drive then the higher level preset. I would think the difference would be a lower signal to noise ratio. The lower levels internally gives more head room on the master output level. It is not a fix all. Some thing that would help. Do you think I am on the right track? I would really like to find a way other than what I hear. I am get up there in age and don't trust my hearing. I have done well so far, I am getting some very good tone from the HD500.
  14. I have had a HD500 for about 2-3 years. I am questioning my levels though out the signal path. Generally, I set the mixer to center on both A and B with the level at 1.5 or 2.0. The amp level at 60 to 65. I use red and blue comps a lot, level set at 60 to 70. And the master out level on the top of the HD500 at 12:00 (middle). I am connected to a D box with a 1/4 " cable into the left mono 1/4" out put on The HD500. The D box then is connected to the PA system. I got concerned with the possibility of some digital distortion. So I lowered levels in the preset, mix level 0.0 red and blue levels 50 to 55, amp level 37 to 43, and increased the master out to 1:00 or 2:00. I down loaded a graphical analyzer to check the peaks (clipping) between the two different level setups. But this analyzer is monitoring the digital signal through the USB port. Question: If I set levels that don't clip in the graphical analyzer. Would that insure that there is no digital distortion at the 1/4" output to the D box (then to the PA system)?
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