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  1. I Know. There is in quotes. but it’s not updated and doesn’t have “Legacy” models.
  2. HELIX MODELS LIST - [2.91] All models and real reference table Hi! I realized this table with all models in 2.91 and their real reference. Obviously this is free, and you can also download the pdf version. Bye! http://www.robyrocks.it/articles/helixmodels/helixmodels.html
  3. HI! I have a great problem with HX Stomp. When I use it with my computer (I connect HX Stomp to computer via USB) for example to record a song or to make a video tutorial ecc... it disconnects all my devices... I use an iMac late 2013, when I connect my HX Stomp, in 3-4 minutes it disconnects my webcam, my mouse, my keyboard, my microphone and my audio interface.... all devices! I'm sure that is HXStomp because I've tried a lot of tests... changing cables, changing USB ports, changing MacOS, and this problem happen only when HX Stomp is connected. Please can you help me?
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