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  1. Looks like I better clear a space for an LT :D
  2. I love the Helix system. I've got Floor, and Native, and they work great. Great enough that I can't get enough Helix! I don't NEED anything, but I've been thinking about getting LT or Rack because I could easily make use of it either by using it together with my Floor unit or having it as a backup (not that I anticipate needing one), having it for friends or clients, using one as a "beater" unit that goes everywhere while one stays in my studio, or even just setting it up as a permanent system with an FRFR in my bedroom. So, I'm leaning towards getting LT within the next few months, but I'm wondering whether or not Line 6 would potentially release an even more affordable hardware version of Helix... knowing my luck, I'd buy an LT and a single path version or some sort of hardware at the $500 range would be released the next day. I'm just speculating though. This may be all the Helix line 6 plans on ever releasing. Anyone here think that's likely? Or even possible?
  3. Sorry for the confusion. Ableton on Mac only uses AU, on Windows, Ableton only supports VST2. I'm using both, as well as Cubase which only supports VST3 so confused myself too sorry.
  4. I've used it in Ableton Live 9, but as a AU, as that's the only version of Native compatible with Ableton. Try checking the AU box in Live's preferences, and you should be good to go!
  5. Try this behind your amp block: Adriatic Swell > plate reverb> Standard Delay (whichever your prefer, I like the Transistor tape, but the elephant man works well too since it has modulation)> cave reverb and particle verb in parallel. You could try expirimenting with different modulation or reverse delays, pitch shifts, etc.
  6. I just switched to Cubase... and the noise is gone. Now, the only difference besides this being Cubase and not Ableton is that this is the VST version of Native. Ableton won't find the VST version of it for some reason, so I've had to use the AU version of Native there instead. EDIT: Just read that the AU version is the only one supported in Ableton. Whoops! Not sure if or why that would make a difference in the noise floor, but for some reason it has.
  7. Loving it.... but man, do I need a new interface. Anyone else here dealing with white noise or got some gain staging tips? My input level is between -36 and -24 for whatever that's worth, because I thought maybe I was hitting it too hard. I'm using a Komplete Audio 6 and my sounds are either too quiet, or too noisey. It's un-noticeable with gain sounds, but it's killing my cleans. Haven't had the problem with hardware Helix, so I'm assuming it's the interface, although, I did you my Helix floor, and still had the same problem. Perhaps Ableton's at fault?
  8. Already got it! :D :D :D
  9. I've got my alarm set for 4 am pdt :D
  10. I use two interchangeably - Focal Spirit Professional, and Avantone Mixphones. I've tried some others before like Sennheiser (HD280, 650), Westone, and studio classics from Sony and Shure, but they all had their translation issues. I settled on the Focals and Avantones for a few reasons. 1.) They're similarly "transparent" (nothing is truly transparent, hence the quotes lol) to one another. 2.) I mix and monitor through Focal CMS 65s and 40s and an Avantone Mixcube. 3.) The Avantones have a mono switch built it. Which is great since I record some things in mono (clean, high gain) and some in stereo (delay, reverb), so it's nice to be able to check easily. Ultimately, I've found them to help easily craft tones that translate perfectly for me since I can pick up on the slightest EQ tweaks. Even more so than through studio monitors and an FRFR. I'm just curious about what others are using. Or if you're using headphones at all. I know some people prefer not to.
  11. Didn't think about the importance of the actual input on Helix. I hope using an interface wouldn't make it drastically/unrecognizably different. Theoretically, would matching the input levels remedy the difference? Most of the appeal for me was being able to use Helix without the hardware for recording/writing outdoors or in bed. Though, if it's specifically to craft a tone for the hardware, I wouldn't have a problem recording a dry track from Helix and then creating a patch through Native later. I just hope I wouldn't have to have two drastically different patches for the same tone(s).
  12. Has support for the Helix Control and/or FBV3 been announced? I'm making a birthday purchase this weekend for my birthday and I wouldn't mind forgoing an Empress Reverb and picking up a controller for Native instead!
  13. Yeah I had the same thing happen and felt so stupid lol. It was a happy accident though! Led me to the world of running clean and overdriven sounds in parallel 😎
  14. The EQ on all the modern high gain amp models (Soldano, Engl, etc.). Took me days of tweaking tones to realize that the block's EQ is largely useless for me on the high gain amps. Which is weird, because it's so responsive on the other amp models. But, yeah, it's useless. On the brightside, we've got plenty of EQ blocks to choose from and they make things sound "real". They all work wonderfully and interact with the various amp models in different ways. Make everything sound great and provide a lot of variety. You can have an EQ before and after the amp. Or at the input. Or at the output. Or different EQ settings for different snapshots. So many options :D
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