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  1. Hi everyone, I am traveling to the Netherlands soon and was wondering if anyone knows where I can pick up an IEC cable for use in Europe? I want to make sure my Helix will get the right cable. Thanks for any help.
  2. This does not exist in the latest version of HX Edit I have. "Extract Files From Backup" is not an option in my file menu. I have the latest version of HX Edit.
  3. Hi everyone, I occasionally make the error of overwriting presets. Is there a way to restore a single preset from a backup?
  4. Hey Helix family, This may have been answered but I typed in the search box and nothing came up. In my Helix, I have numerous presets. I have quite a few presets that have multiple scenes. When I created the presets/scenes, each scene has a certain volume so aggressive passages have a higher volume/gain and perhaps more distortion than in other scenes that have lower volume and distortion, you get the picture. Is there a way to lower the volume of the preset overall so that the different scenes have their relative volume intact in relation to each other?
  5. Hey gang, First and foremost, I am not a Line 6 hater. Everything I own is Line 6 save my bass. The Line 6 Relay G90 is by far, the worst wireless unit I have ever used. I have owned this unit and two transmitters for well over a year and there hasn't been one show or concert where I didn't have drop out issues. I have actually had to switch to a chord in the middle of a very expensive 4K video shoot. I have my receiver in line of sight waist high. I have the front antenna on and have even purchased the optional powered paddle antenna that are on a mount on a stand about waist high. No matter the venue or concert hall, I can't have a performance without an issue and that's using a total of four antenna. Yes the batteries are fresh. Yes, I am within line of sight. I just cant win with this unit. I tried it on RF1 and RF2 and no difference. I do have the 14 channels available but there may have been a firmware update. Does anyone know what version we're on? Also, using another wireless receiver to provide a firmware update to the G90 receiver is the worst part of this whole thing. I think it's time to switch manufacturers on my wireless unit after all this money I have already spent. What a shame.
  6. Hey Helix family, Please don't flame me!!!!! I am very new to this! I need to record bass tracks and I want to use my helix. I will be going USB to PC into my Sonar software. My presets are all in stereo because I have special effects I need in there but I am not sure how that translates to recording on a DAW. Do I need to do this the very very old fashioned way and record two tracks, left and right or will the DAW pick up that the track I am recording is a Stereo track? Please help me out here, the engineer I usually work with is unavailable for at least a month and I need to get this done yesterday. What settings should I have set up on the Helix and conversely on the DAW? The Line 6 community is among the highest rated on the net so I am hoping I can get some assistance.
  7. Why not? Up until recently I never used effects or any kind of processing. A whole new world has opened up to me with the Helix and learning from cool guitarists.
  8. Thank you so much guys! As a bassist, it was a little daunting getting involved with a beast like the Helix. Now that I've made the jump and have been using it up and down the East coast, having skilled "users" being available to answer any questions around the clock makes my decision to get the Helix the best I could have made. Once again, thank you so much for all of the help.
  9. I am truly relieved that I can restore the global settings from the backup I made last night. My guess will be that once I connect the Helix, I go to HXEDIT and then file then restore from backup? Then when I click on the file I saved, it will ask me what I wish to restore?
  10. Hi everyone, I updated my Helix to 2.81. Everything went without a problem. I did read the "read me" section and it did mention that the global settings would be reset. I neglected to write them down before the update and now I have to figure out all my outputs and such. Is there a way to restore just the global settings to the way I had them before the 2.81 update? Thank you for any help.
  11. Hi everyone, I have had my Helix for a very short time and while I have been successful at programing what I need, I am very new to this and need a little advice. I want to pick up a TC Helicon Perform-V for my mic. I have read that I will be able to control external effects with the Helix. Since I am very new to the Helix and products of the sort, how do I go about setting up both units so that when I go to a preset, the Perform-V will be "triggered" to go on with a certain snapshot and turn off when I go to the next snapshot? For instance, go to a special vocal effect within a passage of a song then when I get to the next segment, hit the next snapshot and have the mic be normal again. Is this possible?
  12. Hey everyone, This may have been covered but I can't seem to find a link. I apologize if this is a repeat question. Last night I played an outdoor concert. As usual, I did a channel scan while standing right in front of the unit. To my astonishment, there was not one bar in any of the channels. I do have the latest firmware as I do have 14 channels. My transmitter is set to RF2 and I understand the receiver automatically switches to find the transmitter. This is happened at some of the bigger indoor venues as well. What may be the cause of not having any bars? When I switched the transmitter on, there was virtually no signal visible. After spending so much on this system, I am forced to use chords again. I need help with being able to use this unit.
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