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  1. Hi I'm sure I've seen this on patches on CustomTone but I can't figure out how to do it. I want to have a compressor on when using a clean patch but then I want to turn on a distortion fx and as I do so this its off the compressor. I know I can do this using the snapshots feature but I'm sure that it can be done this way too. Anyone help?
  2. Thanks very much for your reply. I didn't actually mean patch changes I meant using the Wah Pedal & changing snapshots & turning on/off FX blocks. I need to dive into the manual then. :-)
  3. Hi I use Helix Native within Logic as it gives me the ability to just record the straight guitar signal & thus give me the ability to re-amp at a later stage etc.. I would like to know if it is possible to use my Helix Floor pedal to control patch changes, turn FX on & off & use Snapshots in real time. My Helix ~Floor is connected to my Mac via USB & I feel sure that I should be able to do this but I'm not exactly sure how I go about it? I am using Logic X as my DAW.I can see Helix listed in the Midi Environment (Clicks & Ports). Do I connect the Helix (within the midi environment) to the "Input Notes" or "Sequencer Input" and do I then have to do anything else? I obviously don't want the Helix Floor to effect any midi changes to anything other than Helix Native. Here's hoping someone can help me out.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I have sorted it - it was set to global!!
  5. Hi I am trying to figure out how to set a tempo to a particular patch. It appears that setting a tempo of 120bpm first in one patch & then setting a bpm of 80 in another, resets the bpm in the original patch. Surely the bpm setting should save within the patch, it did that on my HD500. Can anyone assist please?
  6. I am trying to set a minimum & a maximum volume level on the Helix. Say a heel position set at 60% & toe at 100%. I have this this set up on my HD500, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do this on the Helix. Can anyone assist?
  7. I am trying to place modulation, delay & reverb effect within the Helix after the preamp stage of my amp. Is there any reason why I couldn't utilise a send from the Helix to the input of my amp & return this from the amps preamp out to the Helix return then use the 1/4" mono out to the amps return? so the signal chain would be Guitar - into the Helix through any Wah, Distortion Crompression etc - out of the Helix Send - into Amp input - From Amp Preamp out - to Helix return & through modulation, delay reverb - out of Helix 1/4" mono out - into Amp's return. A y thiughts Is there any reason why I cannot send a
  8. Hi I am trying to replicate the tone I use on my Fender Hotrod Deluxe IV in my Helix. I use the Amp live, with the Helix. In a live situation I only use the Helix's FX & don't use any Amp simulations or cabinets. I opened a new preset & put a Double Normal ATC into the Helix & A/B this with the Hotrod Deluxe attempting to replicate tone of the amp in Helix. I am struggling to get the same tone. I know that it's never going to sound exactly the same & I am listening to an amp with a 12 speaker & the sim on studio monitors, but I should be able to get closer than I am getting, Is there anyone on here or at Line6 who can help?
  9. Ok. That makes sense. Thanks very much.
  10. Ok. But do I set both faders at0db & pan them hard left & hard right? If I do anything else with them am I affecting the signal in some way?
  11. Sorry don't know how I put this in the Helix forum & can't figure out how to move it into the appropriate forum
  12. Hi I have started using my HD500 taking a mono output into the front of an amp. I am no longer using the modelled amps, & just using the effects. I noticed that there appeared to be a jump in volume between patches & looking in HD500 Edit I then saw the the "mixer" on some was panned hard left & right & the faders both set at 0db. I have therefore set the right fader to "mute" & set the left fader to 0db & the pan set to "centre" My question is this Have I set this correctly, or should both faders be set to 0db & panned to centre? Or does it make any difference, apart from the increase in volume?
  13. Ok thanks very much. I think for ease of use I'll put a graphic EQ in my live patch & switch it in & out when required If I use the Global EQ then it will need adjusting whenever I play live & when recording/practising at bedroom levels Once again thanks for your reply.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Last in the chain.. Does that mean after any delays/reverb - literally the last effect in the chain. I tend to do my sound editing using the HD500 edit. Is this global EQ accessible from the HD500 editor? My thinking was to put it on the patch I use live & just switch the EQ on when playing live
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