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  1. Sweetwater sent me a replacement while I still had the defective powercab. I tested the new one and sent the old one back. If the place you bought it from doesn't do that, you'd have to take it to a music store. One thing I remember doing is connecting powercab to my computer via USB and playing pc audio through powercab...when I tried to connect helix via L6 link, USB playback would stop entirely. Maybe that's further evidence that it's powercab.
  2. I got a replacement powercab from Sweetwater that worked just fine. I'm assuming this issue is indeed a hardware error unfortunately. I'd go ahead and get a replacement.
  3. I wonder if it's Helix or Powercab that's causing the problem. I have no real way of testing it other than going to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash and hoping they let me test my Helix on another Powercab (I didn't purchase either from those stores). I really hope it's Powercab because I just bought it from Sweetwater and could easily exchange it - I can't afford to go without my Helix as I have multiple gigs every week. I'm leaning on just exchanging the Powercab and hoping that solves the problem - If it's Helix, I'm lollipop out of luck. I could just use the analog outs, but I'd like to get another Powercab in the future and link everything up, and the sound quality is a lot clearer to me over digital. One of the big reasons I got the Plus is the L6 Link capabilities. If I'm spending thousands of dollars I want every feature to work even if I don't technically need it. What would you guys do? Is there any other way you can think of to determine which device is defective?
  4. I know the cable I just bought that doesn't work at all is 110 ohm (I should mention that it does work when connecting via analog XLR outs, so the cable isn't bad. All the cables I've tested with are known working cables.) https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EBU025--hosa-ebu-025-25-foot I'm not sure what the other cables I tested are. I'm assuming they are not 110 ohm, just standard XLR cables.
  5. Just got Powercab 112 Plus on Friday. I'm having an issue with the L6 Link connection and wondering if anyone else has the same issue. I bought a 25 ft Hosa AES/EBU cable to use for the L6 Link connection and wasn't able to get any sound to come through at all (no pops or anything). I then tested a different standard XLR cable and was able to get minimal signal to come through, but mostly a popping sound even when Helix is turned all the way down. I tested it again with a short 5 ft XLR cable and everything seemed to work...until the signal would pop and dropout for about 1-2 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Basically, I can get it to work with 1-2 second dropouts every 5-10 minutes, but it seems like only the shorter XLR cables work, and longer XLR cables produce mostly a popping noise. I have contacted support and they suggest me go to the a store and see if the issue is coming from Helix or Powercab. Before I do anything, I want to see what you guys think or if anyone has experienced this. Really hoping this can be fixed with a firmware update like the SPDIF dropout issue in the past.
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