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  1. Correct - it is set to locked for the Tone Control.
  2. Firmware 2.10 Variax Standard and/or JTV-59 Issue: Variax tone knob does not lock when assigned Details: Currently have Variax settings by preset; Preset Variax Lock Control set to Tone Knob, with Preset Variax Tone Knob set to 10. For any preset where I have the Variax Tone Knob set to control a parameter (in this case Drive on the amp), it will operate as expected UNTIL i move the pickup selector switch. Example: Preset: Spank-5, Amp Drive = 2.0 Move tone control - no audible change to Variax tone, Amp Drive changes (between 2.0 and 5.0) Using pickup switch, change Variax to Spank-4 Tone knob now also affects guitar tone as well as Amp Drive Only way to correct is to reset the preset (click on the preset button)
  3. Thanks for the reply - you answered my question even with the little information I gave! As you mentioned, the topology lights are out and unselectable when the Helix is plugged in via L6 Link only. They work fine when the Helix is not plugged in. However, the key part to this is configuring the amp settings by connecting a MIDI cable. By using the instructions for the v2.0 firmware update, I was able to set up Channel A using the Helix's Command Center and change models across patches as needed. Adding a MIDI cable and going through the setup steps made a world of difference. The topology lights being unlit threw me, but after working through the parameters I've got a system that is responding the way it should, and then some. Thanks again for the reply - getting a second opinion helped solve the problem.
  4. Recently I hooked up the Helix to a DT25 amp using the L6 Link, and I've lost the ability to select topology in Channel A, thus rendering it useless. It currently has no topology light on it to select. No matter what preset I select on the Helix (template, factory or user), I can't get Channel A to activate. Any suggestions on how to recover?
  5. Thanks Tones - this is probably what it is. It has been sporadic and I don't have a good way to test it off of a carpet just yet. I'll be sure to mark this as the solution if I can get a solid answer.
  6. Hello there - Just received my Amplifi 75, plugged it in and played for a bit, then out of nowhere a faint (but audible) crackling sound started to come through the amp. Unplugged the guitar, cable and Bluetooth - still there. I'm not sure if the amp needs to "burn in" for a bit, or should I just go ahead and return it? Any thoughts would be appreciated - thanks!
  7. Hi everyone - I've spent more than a year now with the HD500, DT25 and Variax JT-59 combination on stage. I've settled in to the following configuration: * Direct out from the HD500 to the house system * L6 Link to the DT25 * Variax connection to HD500 The reasoning behind this is to provide a clean tone to the house system for acoustic tones - the signal to the DT25 is muted for these patches. What I'm noticing, however, is that other tones are out of balance in comparison to the signal coming from the DT25. For example - all amp tones for clean, crunch and distortion sound balanced coming out of the house system, but there is a significant volume loss in the crunch and distortion channels coming out of the amp. Is there any way to adjust the signal coming from the XLR out of the HD500, OR is there a way to increase/decrease the DT25 patch volume without affecting the line out to the PA system? Any guidance would be appreciated - thanks!
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