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  1. You know this might sound stupid but it is Bogner distortion effects, red and Uberschall, they are really good
  2. I don't have the units yet I am assessing flexibility b4 I buy, so I would use fx send and fx return. yes? thanks
  3. Hi, If I use the l6 link with the POD HD500X and DT50 head how would I add a couple of stomp boxes to the mix? thanks for any help
  4. Sorry one more question, on the dt series what is the triode and pentode options for?
  5. OK great I appreciate it, good information.,
  6. Hi new to line 6 amps, I notices a considerable difference in price between the spider valve tube amps and the dt series of tube amps and I wanted to know, what the difference between them is that accounts for the difference in price. thanks for any help with this
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