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  1. Thank you guys, I understand that the two modes worked but it does not know if there are differences and which mode of connection is better? ;-)
  2. Thank you Roscoe5, for your answers and opinions on the questions.
  3. Indeed it is the question that breaks my head for several months :-( and you reassure me by confirming me that there is no obvious answer. I will continue to search and thank you for your lights ;-) Thanks also to the other members and I stay tuned if you have any other advice to give me.
  4. I agree with you but my use is the home studio and I am right in the center of the room so is this playing condition stereo is it also a pb ?
  5. hello Cruisinon2, thank you very much for your comment and I actually specify that my use will be limited to my home studio and I wish to have the best sound possible to please me a maximum :-) So you raise a topic that I turn around and for which I can not make a decision : What models of speakers can I use to get the best sound possible? I have watched the active speakers FRFR but there are so many that I am lost. What choice to do to get the best quality ratio because as you raise the budget is a non-negligible criterion in the acquisition of the equipment of my home studio.. Do you have any advice to give me ? Thx
  6. Hello everybody, I am going to buy a Helix and 2 powercab 112 more and I will want to know what is the best way to connect a helix in stereo with 2 powercab 112 more to have the best sound possible. Use the XLR Doite and Left outputs or the L6 Link? Thank you in advance for your clarifications
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