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  1. V3 timmy.. Maybe there can be an update om the teemah?
  2. cvpe913

    Tone Sovereign

    thanks...I thought that it can be just like the KoT
  3. cvpe913

    Tone Sovereign

    just updated to 2.80 and it's awesome! just want to ask how do you set up the Tone soveriegn for two footswitches?
  4. cvpe913

    double post, sorry

    My apologies for the double post
  5. cvpe913

    double post, sorry

    sorry accidentally had a double post... Apologize for the confusion
  6. Hi, sorry... Both hx edit and LT is running 2.71, im using windows 7
  7. cvpe913

    double post, sorry

    Deleting double post
  8. Got my LT replacement, my hx edit cant "see" it on my desktop... Tried it on my laptop, it works... Tried it again on my desktop still null... Both are running Windows 7... Ive already tried different usb ports and cables with my desktop, re-installed hx edit, still the same... What could be the cause?
  9. the replacement is currently on it's way...awesome support by line 6!
  10. yeah...here we also have laws but most of the times it aint working for the side of the consumer...
  11. My helix LT's expression pedal got broken last week...logged a ticket... and got a response that I have to contact the distributor (I'm from the Philippines)... I said ok, will call them.. then I was adviced for charges for diagnostic fee which the diagnostic test will take 10 working days, then they will order whatever parts that will be replacedm for them to repair the LT..again another charge for the parts and labor plus the waiting time will take approx 60days for the parts and another 15days to replace... WOW! all the charges, and that long?! ...informed customer support about it, and frank richotte..they emailed the distributor to contact me and replace the LT..but that was6 days ago..and they told me the distributor is not getting back at them (or me)... I guess this is the sad fate when it comes to distributors... Line 6's support is A+++ but their distributor is a pain....
  12. Thanks! but that's for the floor...google does not come up with the one for LT's :-)
  13. Yeah, will just have to move on :-) ... But Line 6 customer support and relations will be a big negative to me though.... I mean, if they cant help and reach out for you've described as only an IEC cable, what more if there are bigger issues/problems/defects of a Line 6 product? Would assume that it would be harder if not next to impossible... Just sayin :-)
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