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  1. I tried the thing of the headphones and it sounds normaly without the delay and reverb, but when I play without the headphones the sounds downs to cero. So I guess is a problem with the woofer and I have to go to the store and give it back... Am I right?
  2. Thanks man, I´m going to try it, maybe is the woofer, I hope not... any way Thank you so much ;)
  3. Hello everyone. I´m new in this forums and I hace a doubt about this amplifier. I´m from Mexico so... sorry for the bad english. The last saturday I bought the amplifi 150, also I have a pod hd500 too. My doubt is... can I use the ampli 150 as a normal amplifier? Just connecting the Pod hd 500 into the input of the amp? Another problem that I have, is when I try to edit a preset in the amp, when I turned off the "Reverb" the sounds go off, maybe I´m doing something wrong. Anyone else hace this problem? Thank you for the time... and sorry for the mistakes.
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