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  1. My Pod HD 500's display is blank, however the when i power it up all the lights on the foot switches are on,even the display window is on however without any information of the patch on it. i called the service center in Mumbai and was advised to have it repaired in the area where i'm living. The technician says that the IC is damaged and it needs to be imported from Holland. It has been 3 months now and he says it is not available anywhere. is there any possibility that if the tech gives me the IC #, Line 6 USA will be able to ship it to my address in India? To add to the above post, i have raised a ticket with the Line 6 technical team, however i want to know if any of you have encountered a similar issue Regards Pratik
  2. thank you all for your inputs
  3. so let me ask in another way. What is the Maximum number of Fx loops we can have in one patch?
  4. Thank you all for the reply. There are a few question's i have in mind As we can use as may pedals as possible, however, in order to save on the DSP and the FX loop slot, as advised previoulsy use the Cry baby and HT dist in the Pod's Input - my signal chan would look like: 1. Guitar>>Wah>>HT Dist>>Pod HD500(Comp>EQ>Pod's Amp >Delay> Reverb)> PA. How will this affect the Tone? Or If i have add MXR 10 band EQ placed after the Pod's mixer, then my signal chain will be: 2. Guitar>>Wah>> Dist>>Pod HD500(Comp>>EQ>>Pod's Amp> >MXR 10 band EQ (Fx loop)>>>>Delay>> Reverb)> >PA. How will this affect the Tone? Or If i want to have 3 Fx Loops for Wah, HT Dist and MXR 10 band EQ my signal chain would look like 3. Guitar>>Pod HD500(Comp>>Wah(FX loop)>> Dist(FX loop)>>EQ>>Pod's Amp> >MXR 10 band EQ (Fx loop)>>Delay>> Reverb)> > PA So in order to achieve the 3rd option how should i connect it to the POD FX Loop Please help!!!! Thanks once again Pratik
  5. is there any way we can use 2 external pedals (Blackstar HT Dist and Cry baby Wah) in the effects loop of the POD HD 500?
  6. So can we placee the stomp boxes any where in the signal chain? I have a cry baby wah and blackstar ht dist pedal, so I am able to place the wah in the beginning of the chain and the dist pedal after or before the noise gate and/or pod's screamer, is it right I
  7. pratikb

    Best Patches

    Thanks Zhorell. Comeon POD HD500 , Let your best patches roll. :)
  8. pratikb

    Effects Help?

    Not sure if there would be tones with the PRS SE 245, you can find countless tone son custometone, you can download and edit them as per your liking. Check out my thread ' Best Patches' and also the below link for more in-depth analysis of the POD's features http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/ God Bless, Pratik for Cutome tone - http://line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500/ and filter it as per the 'Rating' or 'Downloads'
  9. pratikb

    Best Patches

    Thanks Captain, Appreciated
  10. You may want to check the below link and comments by Joel_Brown. He is using a Marshall http://line6.com/support/topic/5532-best-patches/ Pratik
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