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  1. Update: I got it fixed. I had tried every other USB port except for one at the back and the problem got solved when I tried that port. MY flash memory was also not getting updated earlier and that too got fixed when I used that port. I did not suspect it was because of the port because I was able to load the drivers and update the USB firmware using the other ports but the flash memory update was throwing me an error. So either my flash memory got fixed and that resolved the crackling speakers issue or both issues got solved when I tried that last port. I dunno exactly what happened.. :P Anyways everything is working great and now can use the edit s/w as well. All good. :) Thanks so much for the response!!!
  2. HI, I recently bought a POD HD from a friend and I am facing a problem now. When I hook up the POD to my system and try to use it as an audio interface, the playback crackles as if like a torn speaker or something like that. I have tried a few solutions found here in the forums .. like changing the USB port, drawing power from the same power source, changing sample rates etc etc.. but the problem persists. I have a Behringer USB sound card and it works fine through the Behinger. . Also a bit confused about buffer size. Can we change buffer size in Windows?? I am totally new to POD. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to do it this way so that I can use POD HD edit. Is there a way in which I can use the Behringer to connect the POD and use HD edit at the same time?? I use a normal Philips 2.1 computer speaker Win 7 64 bit.
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