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  1. Thanks to everybody! I've been trying all that you said, and sounds (sometimes) a little bit better but no much more.... So, I downloaded the tone from this video: And listen how is it sounding on my Pod...(always recording via USB in studio/direct mode) BOHEMIAN.mp3 Any idea? I'm still working on it and sounds horrible.... Thanks again!
  2. Thanks everybody! I've already tried a lot of things in this years and never could get a convincent sound...and, If I got it, then change the real amp and it's start again... I think I'm going to sell the HD 500, it became a headache thanks again to all!
  3. Thank you again! By the way, what's your opinion about the audios I posted? Do you think that sounds really bad or am I an exaggerated? Grazie un altra volta!
  4. Thank you very much hurghanico! I will try! By the way, the same happens with the distortion pedals (I mean, not the amps). They sound really horrible, that's why I think that could be a factory fail. Grazie mile!
  5. Hi everybody! I have a POD HD 500 since some years ago and I can't find the way to get some decent distortions. I have tried a lot of combinations, and...no good results (connecting by line, to amp in, etc.) I think that has a factory fail, because it's impossible to sound like this. This is the last thing I tried, and here I put the audios: Connected to a PC via USB, output set in studio/direct mode and the selector in "line". All the knobs at the medium position. Please listen the result and help me if you can...thank you! 1st audio: Bomber Uber 412, 412 uber, 87 cond 2nd audio: Brit J 800, 412 brit T-57, 57 off xs 3rd audio: Solo 100 overdrive, 412 brit T-57, 57 off xs There are just 3 random samples, it happens with every distortion. There are no reverbs, delays, etc., just the amps. BOMBER UBER 412 UBER 87 COND.mp3 BRIT J 800 412 BRIT T-75 57 OFF XS.mp3 SOLO 100 OVERDRIVE 412 BRIT T-75 57 OF XS.mp3 Thank you again! (sorry about my poor english)!
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