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  1. Hey, The right arrow key of the Nav Pad is not working. How can I fix this? Is there a way to remove the motherboard to clean the contacts ?
  2. Is there a way to receive the tuner from a Kemper or sth like that via MIDI on pod if 500x?
  3. archo

    Patch for 4cm

    In the Moment I'm pretty satisfied with my tone. I've more the problem to become well sorted. Espacially to work with the latency between patches is a problem.
  4. archo

    Patch for 4cm

    Sounds intresting. I use the POD as Effectboard for my Engl Gigmaster. Actually I'm not EQing ist because the Engls EQ ist extrem precious. In the moment I use that chain. Sustainer (to boost the Preamp) -> FX Loop -> Volume Pedal (at 80% for Lead/Rythms 100 for Solo) -> Modulations -> Delay -> Reverb -> Studio EQ( Gain +4 for Solo Boost)
  5. archo

    Patch for 4cm

    Hey, you use a real AMP? Do you use Dist/OD and Comp even if that amp is in lead channel and if yes which one of thous you choose and how do you set them. thx so far
  6. archo

    Patch for 4cm

    I know that, but I am interested in what you guys personally use.
  7. What does that switch? Where you have it for 4cm and why?
  8. archo

    Patch for 4cm

    Hey,how do you set your patches while using 4cm? Where you have gates, mixer,eq and so on. Thanks.
  9. How does the Tube Comp effects? I get Compression if I get down with the Tresh, what is Level doing? To what you set both regulary?
  10. archo

    4 cable method

    Importent is also, that u set Input impadance to 3,5 MOHM, Output to Direct, Input to Guitar and 2. Varriax also ever put the FX Block after the Mixer (Pan A and B to Center and both + about 3-4 dB). let the Fx Return/Send at 0 dB Set Line/Amp switch to Amp ant Stomp/Line Witch to Stomp thats basicly, what works the best for me
  11. Hey, I have to question, I use the POD HD 500X via 4CM with my Engl Gigmaster (Effects only) How should I asset the Comprresor (and which COmp I should use) for best results in your opinion. Genre is Metal/ Hard Rock And is there any way to eliminate the levle rise of the analog chorus? Thanks
  12. Does anybody could give me an piece of advice for a signalchain that effects that the sound with POD and 4CM is the same like the sound when I plug the guitar straight into the amp? Actually I'm trying with that chain. Noise Gate (Decay-20/th-35) ->Studio EQ (+12db Gain) -> Fx-Loop (0db/0db/100%) -> Mixer (Pan to center, B is muted and A at 0 db) Though the sound level is nearly perfect, I miss a little bass and dynamics. Any ideas? Greetz
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