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  1. Troubadour

    4 cable method

    I have a peavey tube amp with an effects send and effects return, there is some POD HD 500 FX that I would like to use but not an amp model, how can I do this?
  2. I get a chirp chirp sound at 1 second intervals from my HD500. When playing through my p.a. system and DT50 I have tried reinstalling firmware and drivers. No difference the chirp chirp is still there. It is most noticeable when playing my Ibenez guitar or JTV69 using the mag pickups.Not noticeable when using the piezo pickups. Is there a way to format or restart the HD500 and see if the chirping goes away? Troubadour
  3. Can I mute the volume from coming through my DT50 while using the tuner on my hd500? I am using the an XLR cable from HD500 to DT50. When I use the 1/4" out to a p.a. it is muted Troubadour
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