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  1. My PODHD500 was plagued with the boot up loop a couple of weeks ago. At that time i was busy with school so i just put it aside, with the intention of looking into it later. After reading several threads the fix seemed easy enough. The first thing i tried was the left directional pad held down boot-up method, did not work (ironically enough holding the down direction for updating the flash does) The other methods involved connecting the pod to the pc My problem is that the only pc i have at the moment has never been set up and connected with the pod thereby i had to install Monkey again and download the driver again So i download the driver installation wizard On the last step of the installation It asks me to connect to the pod it states "windows will begin standard hardware driver installation" but my pod is in a boot-up loop so it never gets recognized. i hit next anyway and then "finish" hoping for it to work but nothing, Monkey still states that i need the driver (with the yellow exclamation sign). i try again and again rebooting my pc re downloading the driver, everything i can think of but nothing works. Is my only option using a different podhd500 during the prompt just so i can just install the driver properly? before i even get to fixing the bootup loop.
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