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  1. I don't really have the money for either of those options right now. I'm taking it back to the guy on Sunday, I was just hoping somebody would have some theories about whats wrong with it :)
  2. Hey! This is the first time I've posted on here, so hopefully I do it right lol. I have a POD HD 500 that I'm having issues with. I got it slightly used as a gift, so it doesn't have any warranty . I (relatively) recently broke the power input on it; the center pin pulled out with the power cable. I took it to a friend of mine so he could fix it for me, because I'm not great at soldering, and he got the new power jack installed, but it won't power up :(. The soldering job looks kind of clean, but I really wouldn't know. Everything looks fine to me, except there's a little red thing on the inside of mine, next to the new power jack thats different from the one thats in the one that I borrowed until mine got fixed. Was hoping to get this figured out soon, its been broken for about a month and a half. If anyone can help me figure this out, please do! I've attached a few pictures. The first is the little red thing I was talking about, in the working POD. The second picture, the little red thing, in the broken POD. As you can see, the one in the working POD significantly smaller than the one in the broken POD. The last picture was something that worried me about the soldering on the power jack. I don't think you can tell from the picture, but around each pole piece (or whatever you're supposed to solder on the replacement part) there is some black residue. I am really hoping the issue isn't here, because I'm pretty sure that means its ruined permanently. PLEASE HELP!!! :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
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