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  1. Yup that could be a possibility...I just wanted to discard any issues related to electronic/firmware malfuction Cheers
  2. I've been reading about that topic and apparently there is only a factory reset for the HD300 and HD400. I'll try the global reset though Thanks!
  3. The thing is that this happens with every patch...just the volume knob on the amp blocks works
  4. Hey Man, yes it happens with every patch, and no matter what the master volume won't work, same thing using headphones....in summary I'm able to control volume levels with the volume knob on the amp blocks (the one you suggested on the last line of your post) but not with the master volume knob. My guitar an amp are working fine, they work perfectly when connected together without the POD... Cheers
  5. Hi, I recently encountered an issue with my HD500, the Master Volume Knob came unresponsive lately, regardless of its position it won't affect the volume level of the POD ( POD is connected directly to amp through 1/4" left mono jack). I tried the latest firmware and still the same. So, I don't know if the problem would be a physical issue or a firmware/software one....Any ideas that would help before sending the unit to a repair shop? Thanks!
  6. I like and own a few Line 6 products, and intend to continue to acquire them if this deal let L6 to keep or improve the quality of their products....for the time being I'll just wait and save some money and if it is the case, I'll be happy to empty my wallet on a L6 piece of equipment ^_^
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