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  1. I would like to add to caloisky's question, are the pots in the JTV series dual pots? As in there is a B10k dual gang for volume control like in the older variax models, and the 500k pot or 250k pot is on the same shaft? The 10k controls the variax, the 250k or 500k controls the Mags? Correct?
  2. Just wanted everyone to know that I have returned from vacation, gave Line6Tony the serial # and a photo of it too. Waiting to hear back. I'll keep you all updated! Thank you phil_m & Line6Tony for helping me out. =)
  3. Haven't had the chance to try yet, won't get to until wed when I'm back in town. I will be sure to let you know though
  4. toneman2121, is there a link to download a manual update? I always thought you had to go through monkey to get updates??
  5. phil_m You da man, that's all I wanted to hear, somebody actually trying to help this prob. It is beyond a usb cable, and yes they could not find the serial #. My other pod hooks up in the same port/same cable with no probs. toneman2121, haven't tried updating manually.
  6. My custom variax tele I built, since JTV doesn't build teles.... I think my credibility should stand pretty good here now showing how much I've invested into line 6. I'm not making this crap up, and that is what the tech support guy told me about craigslist toneman2121. I was never pissed at anyone on the forum either toneman2121, I am pissed at Line 6 as anyone would be. You acted like I was making this up. Anyways I need to call back Line 6 tech support again and ask for a supervisor or something. I think that is why I went to the forums here to find out if anyone else had this problem and how they resolved it. I guess I want to know who I have to speak to when I call back, or is there another way to get them to fix my board. I mean do you really just say ok I got a bad one of the bunch and there's nothing I can do about it, then rollover dead?
  7. And it seems that my credibility is in question here so here's my band schedule:
  8. 1 quick thing first, awesome that line 6 has got a forum mobile friendly now! Typing from my Iphone as I'm leaving for vacation. phil_1, That is exactly my problem. I can't update it. Line 6 monkey won't even recognize it. I get an error message there. I can plug it in and HD EDIT will let me do all my edits. As a matter of fact I was able to drop my bundle of tones from my other pod500 with no prob. Monkey will not recognize it though. You would think they would be able to add it to the database, and I asked that too, that's when the (tech support) went into something about the main chip on the board has to be added. Well if you think about it, that sounds about right if monkey can't recognize it. When I select what device I want to update in Monkey I get a weird message, cant remember exactly what it said right now but when I return from vacation I will be happy to screenshot for you all. Monkey recognizes that its a PODHD500, along with my variax plugged into it and my KB37, but when I go to select the PODHD500 that's when I get the weird message. HDEDIT has no problems though. Toneman2121, that's great that you registered yours 2 days after, I did the same thing with my main unit, here's the thing though, this unit was going to be my back up, it sat in the box for awhile until I was able to get to it and drop my presets in it. I recently wanted to start using 2 POD HD500s because I pull doubles almost weekly now. I use one rig at one gig and have another one waiting at the next. I gig that much. I used to use my other pods (xt or x3) to do this. Obviously I would want 2 identical rigs for each gig instead of using 1 older pod and 1 newer one. So I bought an extra PODHD500 and thought I scored a great deal on Craigslist. Spikey I believe line 6 should offer to inspect it or exchange it, they shouldn't just leave me hanging.. not cool. I would even suck up my losses and pay for this problem to be fixed. Anyone want to buy a PODHD500? ;P
  9. One more thing: It is line 6's error/mistake if they let a POD500 leave the factory without it being added to their database so it can be registered by a user.
  10. The tech support guy did tell me that about Craiglist. Plz keep in mind when I posted I was extremely tic'd and not thinking clearly. I had just got off the phone with Line 6.. I previously mentioned I had 2 PODHD500s. The one thing I forgot to mention in my original post is that I bought the one I cant register on craigslist. I bought my other at GC. I asked the tech support guy two questions: if I could exchange the one with a bad serial at GC for a good one since I have a receipt from my other pod. I had also asked if I could ship the POD to Line 6 and exchange it with a good one. He said no, there is nothing they can do for me and my best bet was to resell it on Craigslist. I do have the warranty card for both PODS. The tech support guy said he had seen this before after he searched for the serial number to see if it was registered to someone else. It was not. It wasn't in their database at all. He said this happens from time to time. He said that POD left that factory without the serial being added to Line 6's database. So toneman2121, I don't remember the tech-support dude's name, and you really think I would just get on a forum and make this crap up? That is what the guy told me. As far as getting service on here, I don't think anyone can help this problem. I have the right to be upset. I have registered many products with line 6, some used and some new. I have had to go through transferring my used products from being registered to someone else to registered to me. I really thought that's all it was when I called yesterday. It's a much bigger problem I believe. I don't think they will warranty my problem since it was bought on Craigslist... Bottom line, I got duped on Craigslist. I'm sure who I bought it from went through the same thing and that's why he sold it to me. It was brand new in the box with manual, warranty card etc. I paid $390 for it because it was new. So if someone has a solution to this prob plz enlighten me.
  11. So I tried registering my POD HD500 today for the first time because I bought a new DT25. When I did, I got this error msg ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523)" So I called line 6 and they told me that the chip inside the pedal board was never logged with Line 6 so the serial is no good. They asked me if I could return the pedal board. Guitar Center only accepts returns up to 30 days. I have had this pedal for over 2 months now. Then the support guy said my best bet was to sell it on craigslist. You've got to be kidding me? This is your ERROR Line 6!!!! NOT MINE!!! So now I cant update my POD HD500. Which by the way, this is my second POD HD500. I also own a KB37. UX2 POD farm 1 & 2, FX JUNKIE, Metal Shop, POD XT live (2 of them), Variax 600 (2 of them) a Variax 500, Pod X-3 Live, a DT25 Head, and now a POD HD500 I cannot update. Of all the products I own by Line 6 this is how I am treated??? This is BS! Someone needs to fix this!!!! Feel free to contact me in any way Line 6. Fix your mistake! I love my line 6 products please don't lollipop on me!
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