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  1. There is a "load tone and volume defaults" tab on HD Workbench. For some reason the models are not preset to the correct values for all of the models. You must click that tab and pick the appropriate settings. Once that is done, it does make quite a big difference. The models sound much better in most instances. Sometimes it may show the correct match up on the tab, but click something else then go back and click the one that matches up with the model you have selected. Even though it may read as though it matches, sometimes it actually does not.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows why the capacitor values of some guitars are not standard? Is this the way Line 6 intended or is it a mistake? Some examples: Tele models are .22, not .047, Strat models are .047, not .22. The Gretsch models are off correct specs too. I think there are some others not quite on as well. Does anyone think this is the way they meant for it to be because it sounded better to them? Maybe those particular modeled guitars were altered that way? Could it just be a glitch?
  3. Was just wondering if anyone has tried to change the cap. value on the Strat from .047 to .22? That should make it sound better. Have not yet done my upgrade. Going to get at it in a few hours.
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