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  1. I can't seem to find a direct answer any where so I'll reach out here. I recently acquired Pro Tools LE 8(mostly because it's cheaper and will do what I need it to) and was wondering if it is at all possible to run the POD HD Pro as an interface or will I have to seek out a separate interface in order to run the POD through? I came across something that said everything Pro Tools 8.0.5 and prior required a separate interface. If it turns out I need an interface I will need some recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  2. ​Looking for help with opening files from Customtone. The edit software for my POD HD Pro works just fine, loads all of my presets to my laptop. The files I've tried downloading on here are listed as a pxe or h5e file. Not entirely sure what that means but maybe I'm just dumb and can't figure out something simple. Any help would be appreciated as I'm relatively new to the whole "using my POD with my computer" thing. Thanks.
  3. Having some issues with the POD HD Pro freezing up on me. Not good :(

  4. I plugged my POD HD Pro in today and noticed I had updates to my driver and flash memory. It has been about a month since I updated so I was able to do the Driver update with out any issues. The flash memory I wish I could say the same. The first update said it timed out. The second one crashed my computer and some how my POD. Now when I turn the POD on it is frozen on one of my presets and I am getting no sound from my cab. The flash memory update continues not to work either so I guess what I'm asking is what the hell do I do now? For the record my driver is and my flash memory reads as "unknown". I would appreciate any help here. Thanks.
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