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  1. There's some effect the Axe Fx has that "surrounds" the note you're playing with the note that is a half step above and a half step below or something along those lines. There's a video on it somewhere discussing his tapping technique.
  2. Put a Mesa Mark V in there, Hughes & Kettner Triamp and Coreblade perhaps, Engl Invader and Powerball for sure (wtf man)... something along the lines of an Earthquaker Devices Afterneath? Some Josh Travis type pitch shifter stuff? Maybe a TS9 on top of the TS808? And in defense of the Helix not having everything that's been in previous devices... everything underwent a complete makeover, which I can only assume means it isn't as simple as carrying over models of amps and pedals that have been there previously. They would also need to be remodeled in order for them not to be screwing us with a repackaged Pod HD. If anything, this could reflect that they should've spent more time modelling more amps and pedals before the release, but after 6 years you probably want to stop spending money and actually see how it is going to be received, and update later, especially competing with Fractal and Kemper.
  3. Lol, Behringer would save me loads of money but... I don't know, I want something I can really fall in love with. Does this mean they do have 16 ohm outs or they just work well with 16 ohm loads on cabs even if they're running at 8 ohms out?
  4. The faces she makes are so annoying throughout that video too lmao... Anyway, I guess the GT1000FX would probably be the most pleasing to my ear if its more tube-like. I guess I would just like to know exactly what is meant by "tighter". Because if I can save and go with the GT800FX and detect little difference I'd rather go with that. But the words "more tube-like" draw me in, as I'm looking to stay SS but not sacrifice that juicy sound. If "tighter" is an attribute that would be ideal for metal though I would rather go with the 800, since I'm always trying to tighten up the low end.
  5. 90%? ... Damn. Are you running it through one channel or bridged? Also I guess 16 ohm impedance would also cut the power down significantly anyway, since I don't think Matrix's do 16 ohm out. Also, I've read suggestions to use the power amp output as the volume and to keep the Helix volume up.
  6. No offense but... I don't know if I trust a Behringer iNuke. What model and what's your reasoning? Because it doesn't seem like anybody's first choice for this kinda thing, and a lot of them seem pretty cheap(ly made?). And nice rig. Which Furman model are you using there? Also, it just sucks that Matrix is all the way over in the UK...
  7. "Advanced" should also mean better amp/cab modeling too though... I really don't want to pick up a Helix because it was less expensive and then regret my decision. Axe Fx users alwas have mean tones, and I'm always trying to dial in the grittiest, tightest sounds.
  8. Awesome, so hypothetically as long as I keep the output knob on the power amp to a reasonable level I shouldn't worry about ruining the cab. This is what I was assuming, but I don't have the funds to assume these things, and I'm no expert with these electronics, just looking for good tone. And that makes sense. The Orange only has 16 ohm inputs so good to know. The ART-SLA2 also sounds like a good cheaper alternative. But... Helix or Axe...
  9. Thanks for responding. I'm trying to stay solid state for this particular rig. But BoneToner... I've seen/heard about people running GT800FXs, 1000FXs, Crown 1000w amps, etc.... into all sorts of cabinets. And many people online recommend these amps even for the exact purpose I'm asking about (through a cab). It's obviously possible without damaging anything, so I guess I'm wondering moreso how its done. PAs/FOH is always a possibility, just wondering specifically about through cabs since I don't have any other speaker setup currently. Check out Pete Thorn's comparing both of the Matrix models I'm thinking about below...these are very powerful amps, yet he doesn't seem afraid of running them into a 1x12, and I'd be running them through a Mesa 4x12/Orange 2x12. How??
  10. I currently have no experience with setting up fx processors for live/rehearsal use through a guitar cabinet, but I am thinking about obtaining a Helix (maybe Axe Fx if I'm patient enough) to add a digital rack setup on top of my current tube amp/cab/pedals setup. Just to have the best of both worlds. I want to stick to a solid state power amp, but do I go Rocktron Velocity 300 or Matrix GT800FX/GT1000FX? I obviously want to maximize my sound in terms of quality, but also in terms of volume without blowing my speakers or being too quiet. I'm not sure how wattage in a sold state amp affects this, and I'd like to go Matrix, but only if they don't destroy these cabs with one small or bad turn of a knob because of their high output capabilities -- 400w/channel or 800w bridged for example -- into a 280w Mesa 4x12 (live/rehearsal) or 120w Orange 2x12 (home). But I can't afford to have the 300w Rocktron be too quiet for a live or rehearsal situation even if it does suffice for at-home use. Bottom line: Which power amp should I get and how would I avoid damage? I see people using the Matrix's all the time with cab setups but how do they not blow their cabs? Just keep the Matrix turned down low all the time? Is it an impedance thing? Side note: The Orange also only has a 16 ohm option so without rewiring how would that work, if it can at all since I believe these amps do 8 ohms? I know there's other options for speaker setups but I'm asking specifically about guitar cabinets... for now. I play heavy music. Much appreciated.
  11. If you're reading this, I know it sounds stupid. It sounds good as a Reason Limited recording and an .wav when it IS plugged in because obviously it acts as your soundcard, and typically your computer soundcard won't yield as good quality. But, if I wanted to turn a recording into a .wav or other audio file and say, download it to an ipod or other music playing device (or computer alone), how would I be able to listen to it/play it without requiring the UX2's audio drivers/soundcard and not have it sound like crap. I'm pretty new to this. Basically I need these some of my recordings as audio files that I can play/listen to on my computer/ipod anywhere but it sounds like the computer's soundcard can't handle playing the audio file with decent quality. I'm an amateur at recording and this might seem basic, but what can I do?
  12. My UX2 came in a few days ago. I got some decent Bose headphones with a 1/4 inch adapter so I could hook it up to the phones jack, and I noticed something strange. When I plug it in all the way there is no sound or it is at extremely low volume. I've checked knobs and settings and it doesn't make sense why it isn't working. But then, I noticed if I plug in the phones about 3/4 of the way in I can manage to hit a "sweet spot" where the sound actually comes in, but this is bothersome as it doesn't always like staying in place. EDIT: Resolved. It was just a crappy adapter.
  13. When I'm using my UX2 I have a decent pair of Bose headphones, and I'm using a 1/4 inch adapter to plug it into the phones jack, and when I plug it all the way in, the sound is extremely muffled, BUT if I plug it in about 3/4 s of the way in (I find a "sweet spot basically") then I get sound. But this is kind of bothersome. Help?
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