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  1. Hello, I've bought the POD HD500x and I've tried the 4CM with my Marshall MG101CFX amp. It's all fine, but when I use this preset and I increase amp volume I get an hard whiz. Can you help me to fix this problem? Thanks P.S. the problem is in the digital amp I guess the output mode is set on "Combo Power Amp"
  2. .. or a guitar with no floyd rose <_< <_< <_< <_< <_<
  3. I've already tried to push it before all.. I can only get a little improvement by placing a compressor before it but I still hear the noise.. Is it possibile that line6 could fix this problem on the next firmware update?
  4. Hi guys I have a problem with my pod hd500x. My guitar tone is D standard and I have to pitch in many presets I made. The problem is that when I play some presets with pitch +2 and I play in hybrid picking often pitch glide loses control and I get a stoned sound. It's very horrible to listen!! Can you help to to fix this? It seems like it cannot handle this. P.S. I've already tried pushing the pitch glide before everything or after a noise gate but nothing changes. Thanks
  5. Hi I've just tried to set UX2 as input and output in Logic, Reaper even for all the sounds in my mac but I hear nothing. If I connect my headphones to my mac it sounds ok (so it's not a headphones problem). If I try to change from 44.100 Hz to 48.000 Hz or higher it clip a while and then it returns to 44.100 Hz. Can you help me? Thanks! :) P.S. The level indicators moves up and down like if signal passes inside but can't go out. My temp headphones are a Sony Hi-fi model (don't insult me), and I have to convert the little jack in a bigger jack to connect.
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