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  1. Hey guys, after trying to make my pod hd500x work with my current amp (marshall jcm2000) I decided it's just not worth the effort trying to balance the volume of the amp (I was using the marshall drive channel) and the cleans on the pod running through the effects loops, also, my amp is 100 watts and I can't crank it up all the time, honestly, I decided I'd rather just use the pod for everything and stop using the marshall, I still want to use my cab though (marshall 1960 4x12) I know it would probably be better to use something like an FRFR amp but I can't get those in my country and if I order one, the shipping weight would probably cost me more than the amp itself, I was wondering if someone had any luck with cheap power amps like some behringer and stuff like that... any ideas?
  2. Hey, thanks for replying! those are actually really good tips and that pretty much answered most of my questions. Any more tips on how to balance the volume? I've been reading a lot and If I'm not mistaken the master volume DEP should start at noon and you should focuse on "tone" rather than volume (although changes may affect the volume itself) and I've read somewhere that the master volume on the pod should be ideally completely maxed unless there's clipping, so that leaves me with the "CH. volume" and the mixer block to control thevolume. If I'm not mistaken, the "ch volume" also affects the tone, so, should I just use the mixer to control the actual volume when I'm satisfied with a certain tone? Also, are there any real differences in tone when using a mono signal with A and B panned center or using just signal A and muting B completely? besides more volume... Thanks!
  3. I know there are lots of threads about using the 4CM with tube amps but I couldn't really find what I was looking for, so, here goes another one. The idea is this, I have a marshall JCM 2000 DSL100, I want to use my marshall's preamp for distortion and the pod hd500x's preamp for my clean sounds. I'm connecting my guitar to the pod's guitar input, the pod's main output to my amp's fx retunr, my amp's fx send to the pod's fx return, and the pod's fx send to my amp's input. For my dirty tone I basically created a pach with basically a noise gate, a wah, and a tube screamer, I leave the amp block empty and after the mixer I put the "FX loop" block and after that a delay and a reverb. For my clean channel, I put the Fx block at the very start of the signal chain, after that, a chorus, phaser, a fender amp (without the cab sim) and after the mixer, delays, reverb, etc. So, my first problem is that while I was testing this configuration today, I realized that the "clean" tone sounded a lot louder than the dirty channel, my amp's preamp (btw, I also noticed that after putting the pod in the signal chain there's a general volume drop in the amp, but I don't mind as long as it sounds right) so, the things is, I can lower the clean amp (pod's amp simulation) but when I do, it affects the amp's simulation tone, If I lower the master volume, my dirty channel loses input so it lowers the distortion, so: 1 - What would be the best way to approach this problem and get balanced levels without affecting the tone too much? 2 - Is the order I place the effects (for both the dirty and the clean patches)correct or is there a more recommendable way to do it? 3 - Also, in the back of my amp, there's a loop level switch (-10/+4 effects) where should I leave it? 4 - If I'm not using any external effects, should I set my pod's out to stomp or line level? because for me it makes sense to leave it at "line" but I've read a few topics where people recommended to leave it at stomp with amps and stuff like that anyway. Thanks! :)
  4. Hey everyone, Im having a problem with the podhd500x, I read the manual over and over again and I've also checked a few forums but cant seem to find a solution for my problem, I bought the hd500x but cant find a way to toggle between the exp1 and exp2, every preset has the exp2 as default (and that one is the default for volume in all the presets) so If I want to use for example a wah wah and that one is assigned to exp 1 I have to change it to exp 2 in order to use it, I saw a couple of videos where the guys just push the expression pedal all the way forward and that automatically changes between exp1 and exp2, mine doesn't change when I do it, is a configuration thing or does my hd500x came defective? :S
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