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  1. I found it! Honestly I was looking properly before It is in the midi menu of global settings on the second page, just has a slightly different name I am easily confused but now happy Thanks
  2. Hi All Searched and couldn't find thread for this- I am using Helix LT to send a midi preset message to change the Channel on my stone Deaf Amp - All worked fine yesterday Basically I am using snapshot to send a midi message to the amp to change it's preset - Now to get this working I had to switch the PC send to "off" in Global Settings. Just updated to 2.21 and did all I was told which included resetting Global Presets - Now when I go to Global Settings to switch off PC send I can't find the function and my presets don't change my channel on the Amp Any idea where I can find the PC send so I can turn it off Thanks for your help Andrew
  3. Looking to get a neutral power amp (tube) for my helix and was thinking Fryette power station. any thoughts or recommendations Thanks Andrew
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