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  1. cuuhl

    Dt25 Default Models On Hd500x

    So, I think I'm catching on: If I have a DT amp and a Pod HD, I can control all the settings via the Pod. If I don't have a Pod, then I can control via midi device. When updating, would I need to update both the amp and the Pod independently of each other? Thanks!
  2. cuuhl

    Dt25 Firmware 2.0, Any Questions

    So then I would need to use a laptop to control/modify the settings? If yes, then how to the controls on the amp work?
  3. If I buy a 500x from a high-volume dealer; GC, Musicians Friend, Music 123, would it already have version 2.0 loaded in it? I'll be challenged just trying to learn all the settings and finding my sound. So, I'm thinking this could immediately save me from purchasing a midi cord and figuring out how to do all the upgrade functions. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. cuuhl

    Dt25 Firmware 2.0, Any Questions

    Is there any reason I would want to consider NOT doing the V 2.0 update? I don't use a Pod HD, and like to keep things fairly simple. Are the additional tone options that dramatically different/enhanced compared to the existing options? I already have a HOF reverb pedal, so I'm not that concerned about those enhancements. Thanks
  5. Does it allow the cab and head to sit level? There cannot be any tilt, and I noticed the name of the stand has "tilt back" in it. Thanks!
  6. One more for you: I'm used to gigging with a 2x12 cab sitting on the short end, with a head on top. This raises some of the sound off the floor and puts the head at a level that is easy to tweak on-the-fly. Aside from purchasing a second 1x12 cab, does anyone know of a solution to raise the DT25 head and 1x12 cab up off the floor 18" - 24"? Something compact/collapsible and stable?
  7. @ Iknowathingortwo - What brand of tubes are you using?
  8. Interesting. I've used JJ's in several different amps over the years, and never had a problem. Strange if the amp doesn't take them well. I've ordered Mullard EL84s for my DT25. Has anyone tried those? I've also had good experience with them, and am thinking that they'd do well in an amp like this, with such varied tone selections.
  9. Has anyone tried any other EL84s besides JJs? Mullards maybe? Or are JJs just simply the way to go?
  10. Thanks for the info!
  11. Great advice and help... I appreciate it! I think I'm going to try my pedal board. I only use a Corona Chorus, HOF reverb, Strymon "Leslie" and Crybaby wah. I assume I won't need a dirt pedal with all the bells and whistles on this thing... but if I do, I'll pick up an OCD or something. If that doesn't get it, then I'll get the 500x. I'll pick up a footswitch on eBay, but the TRS cable is not something I'm familar with. Any advice on that? Thanks so much again!
  12. Thanks for the info. I think that's the deal.....I don't want a real complex rig. I'm in a blues/rock cover band, so we do a large variety of sounds. I'm really buying this for good Fender cleans, and a good Marshall crunch. There's just not a lot of options in a 1x12 at 25-40 watts that will do both. I don't use a lot of effects, and once I've got two channels set up, I'm good to go. If this amp will do that without a floorboard, I'm good to go! Any ideas on a two-button footswitch? The Line 6 site is pretty generic about that.
  13. Hey all - I'm picking up a DT25 head, and am looking for some help from current users please: I've got a loaded pedalboard I'd like to try out before thinking about a Pod HD board. So I need a double footswitch and cable just to switch channels and reverb. Where do I get these? Any particular brand better than the other? The one pedal I'm lacking is an overdrive. Any suggestions for a good one to match up with this head for classic rock and dirty blues? If I go the Pod HD route, it seems like the 300 provides the basics....I'm a basic type of guy. But, I want to make sure I get what I need. What are the top 2 or 3 reasons to consider a 400 or 500 over the base model? Thanks for the info! Looking forward to getting back into Line 6 gear.... the last one I had was one of the original Vettas.