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  1. cdip72

    Headphone volume

    Hi guy, With Helix LT, why is the headphone volume higher if I select multi output instead of xlr or 1/4? It seems that the signal in the headphones has doubled. Maybe, when I prepare sounds in the headphones, should I select xlr or 1/4 to get a more reliable result ?
  2. Playing with "DT Edit", I discovered DT25 combo uses CAB by default (picture 1) If you use L6 link, instead, DT25 disables CAB (picture 2) Therefore, if you use POD HD by L6 link, I suppose you should activate CAB on POD if you want same sound like DT25 standalone Is it right ?
  3. cdip72

    New amp models

    Do you know why I can not select the Acoustic amp ( included in vintage pack ) with a JTV Variax ? Is that normal or is there a bug in my firmware ?
  4. in fact, this is precisely my doubt: how will it work? will be simple to use for quick edits? it will be a parametric eq or a graphic one? I think I'll wait the new firmware, and then i'll buy in eq .. How you use the MXR? In the loop, at the end of the chain? The levels of send and return ? tks
  5. Just recently I was going to buy an eq stomp to be connected in the loop of the POD. Maybe I should wait the new firmware, even though I do not know if the changes on EQ will be so quickly as to act on a stomp. :unsure:
  6. Well, I'll try with a stomp EQ. The Zoom is very attractive, but I prefere to have the knobs to change the EQ quickly
  7. Surely you happened that changing environment (room, musicians, etc.), Your patches did not sound more like the previous day. Perhaps it would be enough to equalize differently, but we should do it for all the patches. For this, I thought about putting an EQ (stomp box like Boss GE7) in the send / return of the POD, leaving the loop activate on all patches and keep the EQ stomp off under normal conditions. Otherwise, if you need to review the entire equalization, you can activate the stomp EQ to tuning your global eq and it will be valid for all patches. What do you think about ? Sorry for my english
  8. Thank you very much ! I'll try it.
  9. Maybe the problem is just that: there are too many factors that affect the sound (topology, cab sim, mic, eq, etc.) And it takes a long time to build up the sound with the band. I try these different solutions and I get the sound that I like, but in the band's mix, I do not like it anymore. The other members of the band will have to be very patient .. For this reason I wanted to start from a sound already being used by some of you in a live, and then modify it to suit my needs. Another solution could be to change the DT25 with a StageSource. Maybe the StageSource is easier to prepare the sounds in the headphones
  10. I tried different EQ , but the sound is never really good in the mix. Normally I boost the mids frequency, specially on the lead sounds . I will try to boost the mids of all sounds, but I don't think that's the problem. thanks
  11. Hi guys, I use the POD HD500X with the DT25 combo through xlr cable. I love the sound of DT25 without POD, but my POD's patches don't work good with DT25. I tried any combination and now I use only pre simulation, with or without cab simulation. When I play alone, the sounds seem good, but I don't like them when I play with my band. Both clean that distortion sounds disappear in the groove of the band. Do any of you uses the POD HD with DT25 and may share his patches with me ? It would be enough a clean (fender) patch, a crunch one, a distortion '80 and a lead distortion patch. I use humbucker pickup "dimarzio transition" for neck and bridge. I would understand if the problem is the POD or if the problem is me :-)
  12. In fact, this is the answer of Line6 Support: "Hey Carmine, That's a Fender model on NFL 1....That's actually normal as a Twin or Deluxe has no gain control...just one volume...dime the channel volume and use the drive for volume when using NFL 1...tonestack completely changes between amp models I hope this help." Maybe, the only way is increase volume using drive. How do you do it ? You must connect POD in send/return of the DT25 and disable the preamp of POD ? In this case, the switch on POD is set to "amp" instead of "line" ? I hope my English is understandable ..
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