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  1. I've been patiently waiting for a Diezel model. Any hopes of this happening?
  2. And I quote " Known Issues *IMPORTANT: The three new tuner types only appear for those registered users who didn't complain incessantly about Helix's previous tuner on social media. For those who did complain (AND WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE), the new tuner will be unlocked once you perform ONE of the following: Post a photo of yourself on the Helix Facebook Group with the "X" logo written on your forehead in black Sharpie (washable magic marker is acceptable). The admins have been given the authority to unlock units with flagged serial numbers; assuming business hours, please allow 1-2 hours for the new tuner page to be unlocked (NOTE: You may have to restart Helix/HX for the new tuner page to appear) Post a meme of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Kindergarten Cop yelling "IT'S NOT A TUNAAHH!" on either the Line 6 Helix—or—The Gear Page > Digital and Modeling Gear forum. Be sure to use the proper Impact font. Memes will not be judged for their artistic merit, although the spelling must be correct. Again, admins have been given the authority to unlock units with flagged serial numbers If you'd prefer to participate silently, you may instead manually rename 47 presets "Patience is Key" (NOTE: Will not work from HX Edit; nor can you just copy one "Patience is Key" preset into 46 additional locations. You must manually rename each one. Once all 47 presets have been named correctly, the inspector [or FS5 on HX Effects] will read "Tuners unlocked!") " *End Quote. Too funny, I've always believed in Line 6. I have to admit even more so when I realized AVATAR was using older X3 rack mounts while I had my HD500x. They sounded killer.. I felt like I was missing something dialing in my pedal. Helix makes it easy. I am constantly complimented on my rig now.. Helix.. powered cabs. So easy. Back to the original post.. love the sock it to ya attitude. Keep on kicking butt . I will be rocking Line 6 Peace ~jR CREEP CREEPLAIR on IG
  3. My unit wouldn't work at all until I updated the firmware which was a big relief that it did work! However.. Now I'm really skeptical . I think I am going to take the little guy back before I am supergluing the jack in. Great idea.. loved it really but I was instantly worried about how far it stuck out even with the adapter.. then it was just flopping around so I could see it catching on something or backing up into something and doing damage to either the transmitter, or my guitar. Kinda bummed..
  4. are you using headphones or monitors? When I record with Helix as interface I plug monitors into helix. Should work just as interface
  5. jrrjr68


    that's the weird part is all three tracks are via USB.. in theory they should be the same at least, but more volume on the "amplified" tracks. I'm not sure I can record via my interface and Helix at the same time because they both use ASIO driver... otherwise I'd send balance "amped" signals to interface and DI via usb. Tricky No I can't it's one or the other.. :/
  6. jrrjr68


    Solution... {kind of] turned back volume on bass.. pumped up output on USB. Going to give this a shot I gotta get this song done. thanks again
  7. jrrjr68


    Maybe a DI output control would be something to submit? Curious if anyone else is having this problem
  8. jrrjr68


    Aux inputs seemed to teeter-totter the signal in the right direction.. DI is lower now. I'll give this a shot I appreciate your patience and help. Kinda baffled why things have changed. New battery? lol
  9. jrrjr68


    Yes they are active.. but all of mine are on my guitars. I will try that AUX suggestion for the sake of eliminating the doubt, however I have recorded this bass before the same way. Only difference I can tell is 2.30 And I agree.. it is usually lower signal.. in my experience, and on all the vids I've watched. It's got me stumped
  10. jrrjr68


    USB out to computer. All DAW input is from Helix USB I have monitors plugged into 1/4 outs on Helix
  11. jrrjr68


    The left signal is at -18, Stereo signal is at -18 DI signal is -6 Got you.. my tracks are (in my DAW IE~Sonar Pro Mono > Helix 1: Stereo > Helix 1,2 [stereo] DI > 7
  12. jrrjr68


    they are set to Multi > 0 db Center panned
  13. jrrjr68


    I am referring to the DI track {dry signal} from Helix, to PC. I armed two other USB tracks, and a 3rd for DI in my DAW. I can control levels on the outputs of the USB tracks which are set to Multi from the Helix.. however the 3rd track [ DI ] track level in my DAW is way too loud and sounds like garbage. I have scoured the manuals, and Youtube, and looked and re-looked for a way to control this signal level for DI but it seems to not exist
  14. jrrjr68


    18 views and no replies.. hoping this isn't a problem with my Helix because I've done it before. Volume is way too much on DI track. L6?
  15. I run balanced to FOH and mic my amp.. never a problem being heard.
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