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  1. After having issues with being heard during live shows I recently decided to program my patches so that my rhythm sound is coming out the right channel and my lead sound is coming out the left channel of my Helix. Maybe this is already a very well-known approach for many of you on this forum but after a quick search I couldn’t find anything about it. So hopefully this helps people who haven’t figured this out yet. And maybe some you have some ideas of how to do this differently, easier or better. How I do it: Amp and preamp effects on path 1 Path 1 going out to path 2 Split path 2A and 2B with a “Split A/Bâ€-block Assign ‘Route To’ to a footswitch. And call it LEAD or BOOST or GUITAR GOD or something :-) Set Min Value= A100 Set Max Value= B100 Pan output of path 2A to Right 100 Pan output of path 2B to Left 100 (Optional) Bypass assign any pre amp effects for your lead tone (comp; boost; overdrive) to the same footswitch controlling the Split block (Optional) Place any post amp effects for your lead tone (delay; reverb; eq; boost) on path 2B (Optional) Controller assign extra drive on the amp to the same footswitch controlling the Split block Reasons why: - Many sound guys like compressors. A patch with only a volume boost won’t cut it. It will be cancelled out by the compressor. - During sound check the sound guy can set the lead tone differently: Higher volume for starters; Mix in the middle instead of to the side; Different eq; Etc. - Sound guy can set and forget. During the gig he doesn’t have to pay attention to when you’re solo is coming up. - Your solos will always be heard very clearly when kicking the footswitch. Reasons why not do: - You like your wide stereo dual parallel amp wet/dry signal path. You’ll have to sacrifice stereo. - You don’t like sound guys. They’ll all wanna be your best friend from now on. - Your solos will be heard very clearly. Yes always. By everybody. So you really have to start practicing now ;-) This method is without using Snapshots. Just simple mono tone patches. Now I have a patch for every music category or genre, like: funk, pop, classic rock, high gain, etc. For every genre I can switch between Rhythm tone on Right and a matching Lead tone on Left. Hopefully this helps. And if you have any ideas, thoughts, comments ….
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