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  1. I have now seen them on the website magically...….. and I also got a survey sent to me to fill out from there customer service manager. I will discus that the common practice of sales team stating that there discontinued is not a very good one and that they should 100% certain if it was the case. Thank you to all for replying it was very helpful! P.S. Hello sliverhead looks like we are running the same system. (m20d LT3 helix etc. ) I was wondering if there are any settings in your set up that help make the helix floor unit sound full and in the room with out the airy empty sounding guitar that I am currently getting.
  2. I really hope that is the case I guess I will have to be wait and see Thank you again I really want my helix to sound great in stereo and I am hesitant to buy have you played or listened to it in that configuration?
  3. Thanks for the information. It would be nice to finish off a system that is all the same and balanced. I have no disagreement there. As of right now I have only one speaker a Md20 mixer and a helix floor unit and would want to build a full PA with the latest and newest tech out there around that. Unfortunately , I cant see why someone would buy speakers that are discontinued by the manufacture. Where we politely most likely disagree is when you post a statement from line 6 that "absolutely" no way it is not discontinued.... ? That means they will be still making more and by the information given by there biggest distributors, that does not seem to be the case.
  4. Well that is a much different answer then what you said the operations personal said at line 6 on face book ?
  5. More news! I now have Musicians friend saying the same thing also from a rep!?
  6. Just to follow up. It seems to that Sweetwater is sticking to there statement that those are discontinued from line 6. I am having them confirm with there line 6 rep just to make sure. Something does not seem right?
  7. Thank you for the information I really do appreciate that. I do not use or have facebook but I will take your word for it. What I will do is talk to my sales rep at Sweet water and push for more detail on why he has told me that. If wrong that is just bad businesses practices and as you know being in my shoes I would hate to buy something that is only going to be replaced in a month with something better. Thank you !
  8. Also I just looked on the site that you mentioned and there is recently a price drop which lends me to believe that there trying to move product that is being discontinued.
  9. Hello, Thanks for the response! My concern is Sweetwater is a huge distributer of line 6 products around the country! In the past when they have been out of something they let you know that more is coming in. My concern is they never say that something is discontinued unless it is. I am sure there is another one out there but are they just selling what they have in stock (which I would assume). I wish Line 6 would make this clear.
  10. To be clear I have not finished building my PA system and was going with line 6 stage source equipment as well as helix floor for the guitar processor I currently only have one LT3 speaker and was slowly building up my system now I really don't know what to do. I was looking for info on the topic hoping hat a new version is coming out soon so I don't have to start over with what I was planning on doing which would be very costly and frustrating.
  11. I asked sweetwater why I could not see my LT3 stage source speaker for sale on there website. I was informed by the rep that line 6 has discontinued it and that it is not for sale anymore.
  12. Can anyone provide information on this with hopefully replacement info?
  13. I was just going to buy the other stage source speaker to complete my PA form line 6 and found ou that they have discontinued there speakers. Does anyone know if there are coming out with replacements.
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