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  1. Hi there! Okay, so there seems like I have misunderstood something. Could you link me to the real L6 links? Thanks
  2. I do not know where this should be posted, so I will begin here. My Issue: I am a new Helix Rack user and the unit I have has an old version. Naturally this led me to your webpage to download and begin updating. As a new Line 6 user I had no idea that you post updates in locked forum posts. The post where I found the download button to the Helix 2.21 update were down in the rightmost corner. This button had also the same color as the background. Link here: https://i.gyazo.com/2608c908822284b83e069f1bb41bbed1.png What I am asking for: Move these download buttons further up in the post. Additionally, do some quick CSSing and change the color of those button to a different color. Thanks!
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