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  1. i don't know if this has been posted yet, but ya get a backpack if you buy one of these. When you go here and click on the offer https://line6.com/promos/?utm_source=Marketo&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=BlkFriday11-2020&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTlRFMU5tWmhZbUl4TW1RMyIsInQiOiJ5eWF1MDdIZWVuQWE2Z3QyQ0k0RmFHOENJVDk1NEtRaGduYzRvdmlJOGVrMmI1MTJlWlY1Y2pSdFFSVUxIV2pFSDZoY2VITnB1ZFwvZlpLODIzWFwvMVlGaFNyclV4amdlMldlc0hxUVlrVUljQm81XC8zc09WS0dycE9zMDF0SVhFZiJ9 dont' get confused. It doesn't take you to another webpage. It downloads a PDF file that, by the way, has no PDF file type in the title so you'll have to tell the computer how to open it. good deal though.
  2. Oh don't say that. There's an excellent chance that I won't use the pitch stuff either. But I'm OK with Line 6 creating it for other people that will use it AND there is generally a new amp or two or three or.....so still keep updating. I don't use all of the amps, but I won't stop updating because of it. And, if you don't you'll probably be the one missing out. I mean, now that they've gotten the all of the pitch stuff out (as said before, it was a very poplular request) I wonder what they will come up with next. And it doesn't effect the performance of the Helix in any way if you don't use it. I know the Rat distorion is being "fixed". That is the only thing I know for sure for the next update. So don't sell yourself short. There may be stuff that you don't want in updates, but chances are there will be something. I mean with this update, I love that I can now set the model's default parameters so they come up with my parameters every time I call it up. That and the favorites option as well. Great tools. Wouldn't have them if I didn't update. Don't give up yet!!!
  3. I personally use FRFR speakers. I have some bookshelf monitors where I create patches and generally go direct to the board so my approach would be a bit different than yours. Since you already have a cab I would use Amp only. Now I have a Marshall 1960B cab so if I were to create a patch with a Marshall amp that would be fine but if I were to use a Fender amp, it would not sound similar to a real Fender amp since the cab's are different and sound very different. I have a Line 6 Vetta amp and that's what goes into my Marshall cab. One trick that I used to use is, once I was done dialing in a sound using an amp only, I would then add a cab into the preset and just quickly run through them all. To put it simply, you are essentially running through a bunch of different EQ curves and you would be surprised what might come out. It doesn't always work. In fact I'd say about 60% of the time it doesn't work. But it works enough that it's worth doing it since you can run through different cabs pretty quickly. If you can, you always want to make the preset with the band or whatever situation you're in. I currently only make my sounds at home because there is no opportunity for me to do it in a band context. There is a youtube video where a guy takes a Behringer DEQ2496 and a reference mic and uses it to EQ his cab to make it close to an FRFR speaker. The Behringer DEQ2496 is an EQ that can also send a pink or white noise signal out. So you send that reference signal through the power amp/cab that you have and then using the Behringer DEQ2496 flatten the signal coming from the reference mic. so you would run your Helix through the Behringer DEQ2496 before the poweramp/ cab, OR I'm thinking the Helix Global EQ might be able to do the same thing once you figured out what frequencies you needed to bosst or cut on the Behringer DEQ2496 so you could eliminate it. Not sure if this makes sense so here's the link to the video. Hope this helps.
  4. brue58ski

    Helix vs...

    Helix vs Godzilla. No contest. Helix sounds much better..........IMHO. Helix vs Dracula? Hmmmmm. Tough call there. I mean I love Bela Lugosi's accent but the Litigator is killer.
  5. As I recall (I'm not at home) everytime I've added an old preset, it rebuilds it after shutting down and restarting the Helix.
  6. Wrong forum. This is where you go if you're serious about suggestions for changes and improvements: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/index Before posting a new idea, please search to see if it's already been proposed. If 100 people vote on the same idea presented 20 different ways, it looks like only 5 people care about it! Sorry rd2rk. I combined his post with your post and it put a smile on my face. I'm just funnin' here.
  7. Just an FYI. Unless someone has exactly the same poweramp and cab as you, someone else's presets won't do you much good. The power amp colors the sound a little and the cab really colors the sound. I'm afraid you're stuck coming up with your own presets. If you really want to try someone else's presets check out the Custom Tone website. But prepare to be disappointed. https://line6.com/customtone/browse/hx_stomp/ It will use the same username and password as what you use for this.
  8. I have always done what datacommando suggests doing which is doing a reset of some kind after a firmware update. There are several different versions but I personally reset everything after saving all of my presets and IR's as well as a total backup. It uses buttons 9&10 and this is essentially a factory reset. You may want to just use buttons 5 & 6. With that one you keep your setlists, patches and IR's.This is the only upgrade i did not do a reset immediately. But after updating to 3.0, I noticed some parameters will show 4.789 or something else with 3 digits after the decimal point. Parameters that I can't do that to. So since I saw that, I did what I normally do and did a full factory reset. The parameters went back to normal. Here's the info on doing this. Helix Floor/LT Button Combination Description 2 LED light Fun 3 & 4 Test Mode 5 & 6 Global reset 7 & 8 Reset setlists to factory, Keep IRs 8 & 9 Reset setlists to factory, Clear IRs 9 & 10 Reset setlists to factory, Global reset, Clear IRs 10 & 11 Upgrades existing presets to latest format 11 & 12 Clear current preset 5 & 12 Clear setlists, clear IRs, Return system settings to default 6 & 12 Safe boot mode To use Reset Options: Power off the Helix Hold the desired button combination Power on the Helix Release the button combination
  9. This ain't much but, The Rat distortion pedal is being improved. I know that. Not sure if it's replacing it or in addition to it.
  10. When the Variax volume control is set to "Don't Force", it does not "respect the current Variax volume knob position." as it says in the new 3.0 Helix manual. It stays on the last position it was on. So if Helix turned the Volume down to 5.0 in one patch and is on"Don't Force" on another, it will stay at 5.0 even though the volume knob is at 10.0
  11. "The Korean 59 is an early serial number from 10 years ago and general servicing on it is long overdue " So what is this general servicing you speak of? Is it just normal guitar stuff or do the electronic innards need some kind of regular servicing?
  12. Thank you for doing this. I was wondering if anyone was going to make IR's using the Rockman. I just used a plexi amp and fired it up. Threw the Tri chorus in there. Sounded great without any tweaking. I am still the proud owner of my X100 that I got in the '80's. It was what I mainly practiced with through my stereo at that time. Thank you again. Time to pull out the old Boston backing tracks again.
  13. There is a mic preamp (only 1 I think) that you could use to boost the level. I use the LA comp for a lot of volume adjusting as well. Just put it last in the chain.
  14. I'm not sure if this will help but I had contacted Graphtech about their bridge awhile ago and here's the info I got 1) Yes, the bridge on your JTV 89F is one of our PN-0080-B0 ghost bridges 2) Yes, the saddles on this bridge are of the PN-0080-B6 variety 3) You can purchase the entire saddle (the price would be pro-rated) or simply the inserts themselves. 4) We don't have printed instructions for this process but I can spell them out very easily. If an order interests you, please provide a complete shipping address and I will generate a sales quote for your evaluation. So you can buy just one. It's been awhile but I'm pretty sure I bought only the insert (I think that's the piezo) for the saddle from them. It's been at least a couple of years so don't rely on my memory. Anyway it would be worth it to contact them.
  15. You seem to misunderstand my "news". I was just having some amusement over the conspiracy thing. As the post I was responding to referred to. Just having a little fun. Was that not clear? I was not trying to come up with any "news" in this case. Boy, it's like you're just cocked an loaded, ready to find something to dig on someone on. That is one mighty fragile ego you're carrying around there that you would need to do that. But that is par for the course with you isn't it? If I was really trying to be on top of the "news" I would have posted about it when I saw it. Not a few days later. As you can see if you read carefully, I stated that I noticed it a few days ago. In regard to your "How/why does it indicate anything other than routine maintenance". if you read more carefully, you'll see I said It is not unusual for this to happen very soon before an update is released ". Well, that would INDICATE that I didn't think it indicated anymore than that. Sometimes it happens that way, sometimes not. And it didn't just INDICATE it, it is what I meant. Jeese, you really need to take a chill pill buddy. However, I guess I don't need to waste my time looking for "news" which I never did anyway. You seem to be right on top of it. Good for you!!!! I would suggest reading this a little more carefully than you did my last post so you don't misunderstand me anymore and not jump the gun with your condescending posts.
  16. Here's one. The Forum's were down a few days ago. It is not unusual for this to happen very soon before an update is released. For some new housekeeping I'm assuming for the new release. There, that oughta give some of you something to chew on for awhile. OK, now.....Discuss.
  17. I'm not at my Helix so I may not get this totally right but you can create another input on path one or two, giving you four total inputs. Take a vol pedal (or whatever), put it in the very first block. Now, click an hold it and move it down from the path. Another input should be created. This is the same method you use to put effects on a parallel path. You can then assign the new input to the mags and be on the same path. Hope this makes sense.
  18. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm definitely in the "if it works for you...Great!" camp. The post was wondering what Line 6's response to it would be. I was trying to pointing out that comparing the 24 effects at the same time to what Helix can do was a bit of a stretch since It looks like the order of the effects are "burned" into where they are in the BOSS which makes it easier to dole out DSP. From what I saw, there are actually only 3 slots where you can actually pick whatever effects you want. Can you have 24 effects at the same time?...yes but you don't get to pick what all of them are or where they go. You can turn them all on, but do you want them all on? At least that's what I saw in the manual. I didn't get to look for very long so I could be wrong. . They really seem like apples and oranges to me. I like to put things where I want them i.e. flexiblity. The BOSS doesn't offer as much flexiblity as the Helix...at all. But that's OK if that works for you. Does it sound good? Do you get what you want out of it. Excellent! If you always want a compressor at the beginning of the chain then get the BOSS. If you'd like to put it anywhere you want then get the Helix. I don't care. I just think Line 6's response will be none. (which is what the question was i.e. "I wonder what Line 6's response will be?") I mean respond to what? They will optimize their platform with little to no regard to what BOSS did. And BOSS will do the same. It actually looks like this was a BOSS's response to what Line 6 is doing. Little dog chasing the big dog. Big dog don't care. Sorry, had to throw that in there. Use whatever works for you. Helix works for me. And I'm sure Line 6 will not make any decisions based on what BOSS just did. I be ramblin' a bit. Sorry. Stay well everyone.
  19. It appears many of them are locked in. I downloaded the parameter guide.There appears to be 3 slots where you can shooxd your effect, otherwise they are all preassinged. Compressor, Preamp, Distortion, noise Suppressor, Equalizer, Delay, Chorus, etc with only 3 places where you can actually pick your effect. FX 1, 2 & 3. They appear to be in preassigned order as well. Not even close to the flexibility of the Stomp. I'm going to guess Line 6 response will be........................................................................................................................................................................ No more, no less.
  20. So you do just drop them in the IR list or do you have to convert them somehow before you do that?
  21. I was looking at the new offering from Ownhammer at the Line 6 Marketplace and saw this at the end of one of their offerings All files are provided in .hir proprietary file format for use exclusively in your compatible Line 6 Helix, HX, and/or POD Go registered devices and software. What are .hlr files? Do they just go into the IR slots? Or do they somehow populate the speaker selections?
  22. I"ve had every iteration of POD and then the Helix. The Helix is what I've been waiting for. The amps just seem more musical and do not sound as "processed" as the previous Line 6 modelers. They also respond better to your guitar's volume i.e. you can get into the subtle break up with just your guitar's volume knob which you really couldn't with the other modelers. If you can afford it, I would go for it. You do still have to do some tweaking, but I found it wasn't near as much as the HD500(X). Just my opinion. I'm not a pro.The next gen of modeler had better be something special for me to put out any more money on these things. I'm very happy,. The reverbs seem to be lacking a bit, but i thought that was always true with Line 6 modelers. Definitely useable but I've heard better in much older technology (Alesis Quadraverb). That could change.
  23. Did you notice the Dual Pitch effect? He only hs two effects on at the same time at beginning of 1:04. One is a Red Squeeze compressor I believe. He keeps adding effects as he plays. Perhaps that has something to do with the tone he's getting. You can see the settings of the first page of the Dual Pitch effect.
  24. Holy smokes DI. That is the coolest thing ever. I probably won't use it but...very nice.
  25. brue58ski

    Reverb Models

    One thing about the reverbs. and this has been true for me since the POD XT. is that they don't compare to the reverbs I got in an Alesis Quadraverb circa the 1990's. Line 6 even essentially came from Alesis. They just don't sound as smooth. grainier. I can't really come up with the right words. But they were better IMHO.
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