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  1. I did not think it was an amp/cab modeler. Of course it's not. If it was, it would already have some amp/cab models in it. Of course it would. There are "regular" size pedals that do IR's out there. I thought it would be a no brainer to include the ability to load and use an IR if it was an easy thing to implement. Since I have no idea how easy or not easy it is, I was just pondering things.
  2. i know guys that have pedal boards and I think this would come in handy in that case. If the modeling is acceptable to someone, it could replace several pedals you often only use once in a signal path. Like a delay.
  3. One effect at a time. I can see why some people would use it, Not me. Interesting choice. I didn't notice, does it handle IR's if you want it to?
  4. You would need to include a copy of your preset for this to be answered accurately. Or a detailed signal path.
  5. The current Variax has been described as a labor of love for Line 6. I take this to mean the popularity of the Variax is not what was hoped but it's till part of the Line 6 universe. I'm pretty sure that there will be no new upgrades to the current JTV Variax's and I doubt that a new one is in the works. I think a big part of the problem is people want to use their own ax's. Maybe if they came up with something that would allow you to use your own guitar. Big guess. It would be too bad if they have. I have two JTV Variax's and love them with the Helix.
  6. I wonder if the JTV-69 Cat 5 assembly would fit? I can't find a picture with a good shot of what the JTV-59's looks like. Here's a link to the JTV-69 assembly.
  7. Ah, Another use for Grolsch beer washers. They also make excellent strap locks. Buy a Grolsch, get a free strap lock/footswitch disabler!!!!
  8. I do know better. I'm like you actually, I got it for what it was when I got it and would be happy with it the way it is. (except for that nagging Variax tone/volume knob bug. Have I told you guys about the Var.....Oh nevemind.)
  9. I have no direct info to give you but you could try Line 6's CusomTone website fo the Stomp and search Bass. It's definitely hit and miss over there but you might get lucky.
  10. This ^^^. Here's one post that addresses this. I just looked quickly. Just go to the Helix Native forum (where the link comes from) and do a search for level. Lots of info.
  11. Maybe the new update is coming...Yeah I know. But we can still dream.
  12. So you're saying there's a chance?.......
  13. I like. Thank You. I'm assuming you like Pink Floyd as much as I do.
  14. I read through this fairly quickly so I don't know if these have been mentioned. Also, I have a full size Helix and not the stomp but i think these apply to the stomp as well. First check your output to see if it is line level or instrument level or mic level (not sure what's available on the stomp). Since the audio is low, switch it to line if it's not there already. Line is the hottest level with instrument level next and mic level being the lowest output. Also, try adjusting the input's impedance. I think it is normallly at auto so try different settings on that. Hope this helps
  15. You can change the tuning reference frequency. The values you can change it to are from 425 to 455. See page 44 of the Helix manual. So what a girl needs to do is change it from 440 to 436.
  16. I think you could still use your Helix to control Native. Unless it's totally screwed up inside aside from the screen. Although using USB seems to add a significant amount of noise for most people including me. Just a thought.
  17. Speakers, speakers, speakers. I remember back it the "day", I learned the weakest most inefficient link in a sound system, whatever it is, is the speakers. It's fairly easy to amplify an audio source pretty accurrately UNTIL you get to the speaker(s). Actually making a speaker enclosure that will reproduce every frequency and harmonic with exactly the same waveform as every instruments recording had originally going into the system is a juggling act. Therefore they have the largest influence on how your system/amp will sound and it can be big. It kills me when people complain about not getting the amp in the room sound through an FRFR when the speaker(s) and enclosure can be so completely different from whatever you're trying to sound like. Aside from the "it's modeling a mic'd amp, not just an amp" aspect, the speakers are the big problem. A guitar cab will not sound the same as an FRFR that has one to two different speakers and different enclosure. Just putting different speakers in the same cab will very likely make it sound significantly different. And let's just throw in the Fletcher-Munson curve for more stuff to think about. "How come I can't get my Fender amp sim to sound as authentic through a Marshall 4x12 as my Marshall amp sim does through the same thing using my modeler?". Really? Sorry, just a little rant.
  18. Take your dB measurement at the distance/place you/you're ears are at. You want your ears to experience the 80dB. It's at that point that the Fletcher-Munson curve essentially flattens out. Are you familiar with this Fletcher-Munson concept?
  19. Just a quick little note, I use little to no reverb live unless the room is totally dead (I've played in a movie theater...dead) or for a particular effect.
  20. So it sounds like you use a Helix as well. Perhaps he should use and do what you are doing. The main thing, as has been mentioned, is to create patches at 80dB. I don't know exactly what PA speakers are but if he's creating the patches in his bedroom with the same setup, I'm pretty sure the speakers will also respond differently when pushed from bedroom levels to band levels. He may want to consider trying another FRFR that may be work better to do this kind of thing. I think the 8008 was made for dedicated guitar preamps and an actual guitar cab, not to be used as a PA. Not that it can't. It's just not designed for that as I recall. As is the Marshall cab as well. Even with "PA speakers" it will still affect the sound since it's made for guitars and not for accurately reproducing sound. Is he using the virtual cabs with his Helix? Perhaps try turning them off. I have even just kind of whipped through cabs quickly as kind of an EQ buffet. Sometimes I get surprised at what comes out. Have you guys tried his Helix through whatever rig you play your Helix through?
  21. I would start with making sure you're using the same pickups he is. He's using a strat with the bridge pickup and it's a small humbucker. Like this I believe Carlos generally used full size humbuckers and I'm pretty sure he used the neck position. But to get the sound in this video, the guitar and pickups he's using have a bit to do with the sound.
  22. He's looking for something at the input of the Helix to help with his guitars with a strong output. That's for level of the output of the amp.
  23. Do you have the Big Book Of Helix Tips? It has many wah references. I didn't read any of them but just search for the word wah in the document. It's a PDF file. If you don't have it, I would consider getting it.
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