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  1. Just another use your ears post. It surprises me how often sometimes the meter will say two sounds are of equal loudness but my ears make it obvious they are not.
  2. It does sound like a MIDI loop as you said in you original post. One thing you didn't mention in your last post is if the Cubase's MIDI Thru was off or on. If it's on, l would suspect that was the issue. I wish I understood MIDI more. One more thought I had. This is purely conjecture but if the Cubase track is set to the Helix receiving MIDI out from the Cubase and the Cubase is also receiving the MIDI information from the Helix while recording, couldn't that create a loop while you're recording? What if you turned off/down whatever, the MIDI Out of the Cubase off while you were recording. Maybe that's where the loop is. Like the Cubase may still send MIDI to the Helix, even when it's recording from the Helix, so maybe that would create the loop.
  3. I guess pics would be cool but i want to know what my block is, not just what category it is in. I know it's a distortion, I want to know which one. A picture would help, but I'd rather have a lable telling me what it is.
  4. I think the answer to what you are asking is no. I had inquired awhile ago about the possibility of having the strings audio paths going to the Helix split so they could each be processed individually. Cannot happen. The Helix only transmits and receives data on a per string basis. Control commands. The audio signal itself is one channel only. i.e. all of the strings audio go to the Helix mixed into one channel of audio.
  5. That was weird. Never heard of it before. Good to know a spritz of contact cleaner may fix it.
  6. I'm sorry. It sounds like it's an external pedal. Yes it could be the pedal. What kind of pedal is it?
  7. I am not familiar with the LT. I would check your Global settings to see if there is a setting in there for that. Does the input have a volume pedal at the beginning automaticallly? Try this, when you have a blank patch, go to the input and output level pages and watch to see if any values change as you move the pedal.The only other thing would be to back it up and then do a factory reset. Hope this helps.
  8. If you buy a new one now you get a free backpack. That's what happened to push me over the edge when i bought mine awhile ago.
  9. How did you find out he had solved the issue? Is there a YouTube video?
  10. The best way I've found is just create your patch and when you reach a point where things are being grayed out because there's not enough DSP, then check out the BenVesco DSP document to see what you can take out and what you might be able to replace it with that uses less DSP.
  11. I would hook it up so you can hear it. Make sure all of the knobs/buttons work. Especially the joystick. If you can, make sure that the XLR input for the mic is working. The only other thing to me would be checking out all of the inputs and outputs,not just the XLR. But that would take some time AND some knowledge about how the Helix works. Maybe download the manual. Good Luck. Hope this helps.
  12. Changing the Variax string pitch goes up and down in steps. Not smoothly. It could be you're hearing it "step" through the notes. How many crackles do you hear? Is it the same amount as how many steps the Variax must go through to get to the next note? Which definitely leads me to wonder what Glen DeLaune did. I would suspect he's using the pitch bender in the Helix except for the fact that it would bend all of the notes, not just the B. Sidenote here, I recently ran into a guy performing who owned and was using the second B bender ever made. At least that's what he said. This post talks about and addresses exactly what you are doing. There's a patch in there. I have not personally tried it.
  13. If you were to use the floor Helix, it has sends and returns. Many people use the returns for playing along to tracks from your phone for example. Since you don't have one I won't go into details but it can be done that way. May I also say it's kind of a pain because you would have to have a return in every patch you were using. And adjusting levels would be kind of a pain too. Really the best solution is a tiny mixer. There's plenty on Amazon.
  14. See page 58 of the HX Stomp XL manual. There's something about footswitch 7 and 8 where it says "FS7 (or8) Function Sets the function of Footswitch 7, but only when Global Settings > Preferences > “EXP/FS Tip” is set to “FS7.” Now it says this about the TAP button which is 8 i believe. TAP Function When set to the default “TAP/Tun[e]r,” pressing the TAP switch repeatedly sets the system “TAP” tempo, and pressing and holding the switch displays the Tuner screen. When set to “AllBypas[s], pressing the TAP switch instead toggles the device’s Bypass on/off. NOTE: Use the Global Settings > Preferences > “Bypass Type” to choose your preferred bypass behavior. TIP: You can use the ACTION + PAGE shortcut to access the Tuner if you've assigned the TAP switch to All Bypass. To me it, speaking only to FS8 the button is for Tap/Tempo so you repeatedly press it for Tempo, or for a tuner, you press and hold. It sounds like if you just press the switch once, it goes into "bypass" mode and you can assign it to do what you want to when it's in bypass mode. I don't own one so I can't try this. You'll have to experiment but I think this will put you on the right path.
  15. I suppose you could try an amp. Or even just a preamp. I think it's be worth a shot and probably have a decent sound. I think the amps have a mix parameter. Use that as well.
  16. Unfortunately it will require time. I would suggest going through Jason Sadites You Tube videos and see what he's got there. I would suggest this book as well It's a download and is updated everytime the Helix is updated. It's by Craig Anderton who has been around awhile (he had a column in Guitar Player mag back in the day) and is well known and respected.
  17. The Helix has a bug with the tone and volume knobs. I haven't heard of this thing. In the case of the bug I'm talking about, if you have the Helix control the tone knob, for example, and switch to another patch, it will keep the old tone knob position. It will go to the new patches position if you press the patches switch again. This is a summation of the issues. Sounds like what you're running into can be related to this issue for this bug. My fear is with the dumping of the Variax, the bugs in the Helix will never be fixed. very disappointing. I am mostly very happy with Line 6 and their attitude towards their customers, but this wouldn't be the first time they've left a product with bugs in it. Or left a project unfinished. It's the one thing I think they've really dropped the ball on. Or would that be two?
  18. The looper is a very basic looper and they have never indicated that they were going to pursue it further. I think part of the logic is that there are so many good loopers out there, you would essentially be turning the Helix from a modeler to a looper with all the DSP it would take to perform the way other dedicated loopers perform. A very uneducated guess.
  19. It is confirmed that you DO NOT want to use both at the same time. It can damage your Variax. It doesn't always but the potential is there.
  20. You can also set up a footswitch or snapshot time control the feedback and turn it up with a button press.
  21. The VDIs may be going away but at least DI has said they have a solution for all of us that have a Variax. I'm not sure what that is or how little or how much it will allow a device to control the Variax. My bigger fear is that they will never fix the bugs tha Helix has with the Variax currently.
  22. I asked about what the guy did because I've never heard of that before. And I've plugged many a mic into phantom power with no issues.
  23. I have never heard of either scenario. Are you sure the guy was truthful when describing how the chip got burned out.
  24. I'm not sure what you are asking. I think you might be asking where in the patch do you put the Send and Return. If that's the case, you need to put Send/Return2 right after Send/Return 1. Is that what you are asking?
  25. I can't help but think I don't need an AI to tell me the things this one did in this situation. Classic rock...let's see...a tube screamer and a Marshall. Maybe throw a chorus in there with some echo and reverb. I'd have to check out the settings but I guess I'm trying to say I don't see when I, personally, would use it.
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